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Super Show 2 Bangkok Pics

November 29, 2009

The official pics from Pingbook of the ss2 last night in Bangkok – there were more than 12,000 fans there! : stated


Bangkok Super Show 2 Press Conference

November 28, 2009

The press conference for the Bangkok SS2 was held on November 27th at 6pm in Royal Paragon Hall 3, Siam Paragon. There were 3000 fans present at the press conference alone, and the actual concert will be held on November 28th-29th at the Impact Arena, MuangThong Thani. 11 members (everyone except Kibum and Kangin) attended the press conference.

Each member started with their own introduction.  Leeteuk said “I am so glad to be here that I can meet all fans in Thailand again.”

When asked (by an MC) “Super Show has been held in so many countries, why have you chosen Thailand, too?” He replied “Last year’s Concert was very warm, thus – when I know that there will be another Super Show – I can’t really miss to come and have one here. Furthermore, we have a new single like ‘Sorry, Sorry’ this year which is a big hit so I ensure you guys will have fun here”

When each member was asked how they prepared themselves for this concert;

Leeteuk says “We’ve been in many countries for Super Show 2 – (we) have prepared (ourselves) a lot so we sure will have fun with the fans”, Eunhyuk says “Take a close look at my face, especially my eyes (he meant the eyeliner)”, Siwon says “I had my hair cut specially for this event”, Hankyung says “I have (more) round cheeks”, Heechul says “I was on a diet specially for this event and my hair has grown longer, too”, Sungmin says “I have kept my hair long specially for this event”, Shindong says “Mine is just like the past, it’s constant”, Ryeowook says “I’ve put all my effort to practice dancing”, Donghae says “I actually prepared (song) lyrics and its melody, too”, Kyuhyun says “There will be my own solo in the concert”, Yesung says “(I’ve) been preparing my 107 face expressions” and suddenly Shindong asks if he can see his (face expression) no. 56 – makes Yesung does a cute pose at once, causing the scream from all fans.

In addition, Super Junior’s leader – Leeteuk – was asked how he felt about 10,000+ tickets being sold out within one day. He replied “I can feel love from all fans. Thank you so much.” At the same time, Sungmin and Eunhyuk mentions about the fans who have been waiting them since early morning, “Kid Thung Mak (Miss you very much)” *screams* and “Thank you for waiting us since early morning, we have prepared ourselves early morning either.” respectively.

In the last section, the 11 Super Junior members did not forget to speak Thai for their fans. Sungmin says “Laew Jur Kun PrungNee Na Krub (See you guys tomorrow then)”, Heechul said “Kid Thung Phom La Si (I know you guys miss me)”, Hankyung said “Phom Ja Pob Khun PrungNee I’m Your Superman (I shall see you guys tomorrow, I’m Your Superman)”, Siwon said “Buer Phom Rue Young Krub? Ruk Na Jub Jub (Do you guys get bored of me? Love you dear *muah muah*)”, Eunhyuk said “Oho! Jeed Mak Mak (Oho! That’s so cool man)”, Leeteuk said “Ror Nan Mai Krub? DeeJai Jung Dai Ma Muang Thai Eek Laew (Have you been waiting (us) for long? I’m so glad to be here again”, Yesung said “Mee Kon KidThung Rao Mai? NaRuk Mai? (Is there anyone miss us? (Are we) cute?)”, Kyuhyun said “Ja NaRuk Pai Nai Nia (Why are you guys this cute?)”, Donghae said “NaRuk Gern Pai Laew (You guys are just too cute!”, Ryeowook said “Phom Kor Kid Thung Khun Muen Kun (I miss you as well)” and Shindong said “I’m hungry.Treat me one meal. (I need) Tom Yum Goong*”

After that, Super Junior receives a bouquet of flowers from the executives and sponsors and took some pictures with their fans warmly before an official end of the Press Conference.

*Tom Yum Goong is a lemongrass and shrimp soup, which is Thailand’s traditional dish

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Jang Geun Suk’s 100 Hairstyles

November 28, 2009

Here’s a recap of all of Hwang Taekyung’s hairstyles in You’re Beautiful, put together by a netizen…


Super Junior SPAO Chibi

November 28, 2009

Kya…so cute!

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E.L.F Zone – First Fan Album

November 28, 2009

So, Cassiopeia have their own fan album for DBSK, and now ELF do as well!!! The album is called ELF Zone, and has 3 songs sung by fans. Its pretty good!

1. Everlasting Friends

2. S.J 13

3. Sapphire Blue

(If you click on the links, you’ll be led to my 4shared account – you can download the songs by clicking on them in the folder n.n)

You’re Beautiful – Who’s the best couple?

November 27, 2009




The viewers of You’re Beautiful voted for which couple they wanted to come together on the drama. And the results are:

1. Shinwoo & Minam couple – 48.1%

2.Taekhyung & Minam couple – 43%

3. Jeremy & Minam couple

4.Taekhyung & Yoo Heyi couple


But it seems not too likely that the Shinwoo & Minam couple will be the result, as Shinwoo revealed his feelings to Minam on Ep15, and she rejected him. t.t

Who do you think should come together?

Shindong considered quitting Super Junior

November 27, 2009

On November 25th Episode of Golden Fishery, Shindong revealed that he had thought of quitting Super Junior before.

When he first entered Super Junior, he was really hurt that his looks couldn’t compare to the others. So he decided to show his own talent by being the funniest member, but then he realised that there were many members that were funnier than him (as in that they could cause the most laughter).  He felt depressed, as he didn’t know which role he could play in SJ, and so thought of quitting.

Shindong also said that he wanted to be an entertainer, who could earn a lot of money, and not a singer. He learnt singing and dancing so that he could be a good entertainer, but never thought that he would be in a idol group.

But, Shindong said that after he became a singer, he felt something special in the music, and doesn’t want to quit anymore. He then concluded by saying that he will work towards becoming a better musician in the future.

SNSD & Super Junior SPAO Pics

November 26, 2009

A bit late, but yeah…The grand opening for SPAO, a clothing brand that SNSD and SJ are endorsing, was held on November 25th in Myeondong, Seoul. Here are some pics of the opening ceremony and the clothes:



November 25, 2009

So Super Junior didn’t attend the MAMA this year, but thats okay…coz they are going to be attending the Golden Disk Awards and the Melon Awards in December!!! And these awards are different from MAMA – they are really hard to get, so even getting one is a major achievement!

Golden Disk Awards is on December 10

You can vote for Super Junior here:

They were nominated for 3 categories:

Samsung Yepp Popularity
Digital Bon Sang Award (Like best digital single)
Disk Bong Sang Award (Like best album)

Melon Awards is on December 16

Super Junior are in the Top 10, you can vote for them here:

When the picture loads, click on the vote button on the right, which will lead you to another page. This is the voting page for one of the categories. Then click the button next to Super Junior’s picture and press the orange button at the bottom.

Then, it will lead you to the next category to vote. PS. SJ weren’t nominated for some categories so you have to vote for other groups/people. PPS. Don’t click the grey button – it will lead you back to the category before. And also, you can only vote once a day. n.n

They were nominated for 4 categories:

2009 Song (currently in 2nd place behind SNSD)
2009 Artist (SJ is 1st!!!)
2009 Star (SJ is 3rd – behind DBSK & SS501)
2009 Mania (SJ is 3rd – behind DBSK & SNSD)

Currently, SJ is ranked 4th in the chart, behind DBSK, SS501 and SHINee. (Not really sure what the chart is about, coz I can’t really read Korean…)

Still, this is really good to see!!!


Leeteuk’s Love Life??

November 25, 2009

This week on Strong Heart, the guest celebrities shared some of their love stories…included was Leeteuk’s heart-breaking tale:

“My love story… That reminds me of a time, around 3 years ago, when I was really heartbroken. After I debuted, I needed to be extra responsible since I’m the leader. I even had to check my own feelings and get it approved before I could fall in love. But one day, around three years ago, I saw a woman passing by while I was heading off to complete the things on my schedule, and she literally shining. That was the first time I thought, ‘Wow, so a person can fall in love at first sight, after all!’ “

He continued, “Since it might’ve been awkward because I was on my way to work, I asked Shindong to get her contact information for me, and I told her, ‘I’m Leeteuk. I like you so much that I think I may be in love with you. I’d really like for us to meet and talk,’ and she responded by saying, ‘It’s a little awkward since you’re an idol and all.’ However, in order to win her heart, I did a lot of things like driving the 25,000 kilogram Super Junior schedule car and burning her CDs with songs I liked, and hoped she would like them as well. I parked the SuJu car in a park and played Kim Hye Rim‘s DDD, and she told me that my musical taste was similar to hers. She then told me that she was thirsty and I went to the convenience store to buy her a bottle of cola and a bottle of cider (Korean drink, kinda like Sprite). I guess she felt my love, since she thanked me.”

He went on…

“I told her, ‘I don’t tell just anyone that I like them. I truly want to meet you,’ and we started a relationship. However, I couldn’t get in contact with her for a while, until a week later when she told me, ‘Jung Soo (Leeteuk’s real name)-shi, I really want to watch a movie.’ It was really risky for me to do that with her in broad daylight since articles might be published about us, but I didn’t care and went with her anyway. I was thinking of even giving up my career as an idol if she had asked me to get married with her. When I was at the theater, people around me said things like, ‘Isn’t that Leeteuk?’ But I didn’t care and linked arms with her and everything. I was even thinking of dating her publicly – that’s how much I liked her. However, I happened to see her cellphone and the person calling her was another famous celebrity. I pretended not to see and left her to take the call since she looked uncomfortable. Then one day I brought her home in a used car, but there was a brand new foreign-brand luxury car in front of her house waiting for her. I found out much later that I had been two-timed. My life after that incident felt like hell. She didn’t call or text me after that incident nor could I meet her. I tried to call her several times, but she wouldn’t pick up the phone and I fell into a 6-month slump.”

However, after sharing this sad tale, he smiled and said, “But after telling this story and getting it off my chest, I feel so much better. I have no bitter feelings anymore, and I’m ready for a new relationship. And to the girl who broke my heart, thank you for an experience of love at first sight – it was amazing. I wish you much happiness.”

Wah!!! Poor Teukie…it’s good that he’s so forgiving 🙂