[PICS] Super Junior wins 3 awards at the 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards


Super Junior have got 3 awards at 19th High1 Seoul music awards : Popularity award, Hallyu award, Bonsang

When accepting the popularity award, Kyuhyun said “Today is really a great day and I’m more greatful that we can receive this award”, “I’m very happy it’s on my 23rd birthday. To all the everlasting friends ELF who used their family people, relatives, close friends’ cellphones to vote for me and the other members, I love you”

When accepting the Hallyu award, Siwon said “There are many greatful things. We’re greatful that you have given us this honored award, I want to say I love you and I want to be together forever with all the Asian fans”

When accepting the Bonsanf award, Leeteuk said “Thank you so much for giving us these 3 awards. I really miss the members who cant be here with us today. I want to thank all the members who have spent the difficult time with me. Also I want to thank our fans, we will comeback with a cooler image with 4th album in 2010”

original articles here, here, here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits


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