100205 Siwon’s Fancafe Replies


10.02.05 00:49

First message in the .. new year ^^;;
even though it’s a little late, but i still wish everyone very~~~happiness in this new year ^o^
seriously, (i’m) really sorry ^o^! is currently reflecting my actions, so please forgive me keke
ok ok ok, have you all been living well?
really just suddenly two months has past..
because of everyone’s prayers and love, i’m gonna film a drama now ^o^
If it weren’t for our “siwonest’ members’ prayers, it wouldn’t be possible.
Once again thank you, and thank you to our lord (god)!
when i’m filming for drama, really worried for my health and mental state,
need everyone’s lots ~~ and lots more of care ^-^ please
also remember to pray for our 4th album ^o^ understand?
even though filming date and location is still undecided…come later to travel and visit ^o^
praying that everyone will become “siwonest” family that is guided by our lord (god)…
Bless you all..

From. Siwon Choi

credits: cafe.daum & forsiwon

Fans cry, SJ to arrive in Taiwan on 19th
Super Dome, has confirmed with the Korean side and made an official announcement that only 10 members will be going. Hangeng, Kyuhyun, and Kibum are confirmed to be absent. As soon as the news was released yesterday, fans on PPT’s website flocked together howling in grief and wanting to cry. They were heart-broken as Hangeng will not be able to realize his agreement to come to Taiwan to celebrate his birthday.
Original Article: UDN

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