100109 ZhouMi UFO Replies


Fan: Zhou Mi Ge, did you eat well, please put on more clothes as the weather is turing cold, take care. If you feel tired, try relaxing yourself, no matter is health or personal problem, I just wish you happiness. Jia You*! Love you~

ZM: Yaoyao, how are you? Long time no see..You too, have to be happy and healthy! 🙂

* Is a way of saying Hwaiting!

Fan: Zhou Mi ge ; Where are you going for this year Chinese New Year? Are you going back home? Mi ba* sweeties miss you a lot. Please come back and visit us soon.
By kunkhun

ZM: 55..I might be staying at Korea to celebrate New Year..I miss everyone too

* Zhou Mi Baidu fanpage.

Fan: Zhou Mi~ Please come Nan Jing and celebrate my birthday~ I will treat you eat seafood~xixi~ 7th february, 1 year older..it’s too fast…I don’t want to be old

ZM: Timing is just right, keke, xiao hao happy birthday~ please be happy everyday~

Fan: Zhou MiMi– I miss you so much. It’s been a long time since you last reply! Tell you something ^^ Happiness will always be with you, please remember it. The mask is still in.. NiuNiu* too~ I love you ><

ZM: Mask meimei**, long time no see~ Is it cold in Hong Kong? I miss everyone

* Cow
** Little sister in chinese.

Fan: Zhou Mi ge, when will I get another reply from you and a fly too? The past 2 days, I keep putting warmer on my legs, my legs become abnormal, as its really very cold, 5~

ZM: Mi Yangyang, here I come, hehe its very cold in Korea too.. Please keep warm~

Source: UFO
Translate by: summer❤ @ sj-world.net
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