[VIDS] 100211 Heechul Cyworld 2 Video Entries


2010.02.11 19:27
Title : Baengsin

The first time I upload a video clip…why the picture (quality) is like this (-┏)
Maybe it’s because I recorded using my cellphone..

Our Baengsin ~ I will say it once more time because Baengsin is the name which has a quite good meaning

2010.02.11 22:42
Title : Heebum and Baengsin

Heebum and Baengsin
They seem to get along well

Everyday Heebum sleeps 23 out of 24 hours
but it seems that he has fun in playing since Baengsin came(-┏)

credits : 김희철 cyworld
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
video clip is uploaded by ❧ y σ υ & Baby Q@sj-world.net

may take out with full credits


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