SJ Concert on 20th, members arriving in 2 groups


South Korean idol group Super Junior would be holding their SS2 Taiwan concert on the 20th and 21st, members are scheduled to arrive on the 19th in two separate flights.

Popular (group) SJ that swept through Asia last year will board Asiana Airlines flight OZ711 and China Airlines flight CI161 on the 19th, which are scheduled to arrive at 1:35pm and 2.45pm respectively, would open their concert at the Taipei Arena stage on the 20th.

The year end SBS Gayo Daejun that they participated in is set to air at 7pm on February 14th on Azio TV. The program was hosted by member Heechul, who joined Leeteuk and others in doning women’s clothes and danced to dongsaeng SNSD’s “Gee”, while SNSD performed “Sorry, Sorry”, showing respect towards their sunbaes.

Source: Yahoo! News
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