2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ and C.N. Blue for Mnet!Countdown MCs


Starting on February 18, M! Countdown will feature 2PM’s Nichkhun, Junho & Chansung, 2AM’s Jo Kwon & Jinwoon, CNBLUE’s Min Hyuk and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & G.O, dubbed the “MCD GUYZ (엠씨디 가이즈)”.

Mnet will implement a rotation system in which a combination of three or four MCs will be featured each episode.

CP Kim Giung said,

“These 8 guys represent and are icons of Korea’s music industry in the 20th century … Advocating a global music show (mnet is going to be broadcast globally), we thought that these MC’s would be able to make our domestic music industry a hot trend by being accurate and quick on their feet.”

The February 18 broadcast will also feature a special MC performance stage with all eight members, which is already highly anticipated; this episode is expected to be overwhelmed with viewers.

Furthermore, the “Icons of the 20th Century” had a photoshoot in early February for the fashion magazine Singles. The shoot took up fourteen pages of the eight idols and included a funny interview. The Singles issue will be released on the 19th, a day after M!Countdown’s first broadcast on the 18th.



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