[PIC] SJM wants to return to Taiwan – Donghae wants to act with Ariel Lin


SJ-M hopes to come back to Taiwan, Donghai vows to act with Ariel Lin

Korean group Super Junior-M‘s Super Girl album sold more than 20,000 copies in Taiwan last year. Donghai happily said, “In the year of the tiger, if we release a new album, we hope it will be a success. However, what I long to achieve the most is to act together with darling Ariel Lin.”

Idol group SJ-M is sub-group of the 13 member Korean group Super Junior. The 7 members include Chinese-born Hangeng and Zhou Mi, Korean-born Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghai, and Kyuhyun, and Henry of Taiwanese origins. Last year, Donghai acted in an MV for Ariel’s single “Firefly” but did not feel that it was enough. Thus, without hesitation, he mentioned that his New Year’s wish, “I want to act in an idol drama with Ariel Lin.”

Hangeng wants to act, Henry longs to return to his native land often

The leader, Hangeng said, “I also hope to be able to act in order to put my ability to memorize scripts to the test.” Siwon said, “I hope that everyone will be healthy and that they accomplish their heart’s desires during the year of the tiger.” Ryeowook expressed that he hoped SJ-M could hold a large scale concert in the year of the tiger; Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi said in unison, “I hope to come back to Taiwan in the year of the tiger.” Canadian-born Henry whose mother is from Pingtung said, “I hope that we can come back to Taiwan often. After all, this is my native land.”

Source: CpopAccess
Original Article: Apple Daily


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