[PIC + NEWS] SJM 2010 Semir Endorsement


Not long ago, Super Junior M’s leader, Hangeng, has rumours about leaving the group. Recently, Semir* has a new Spring fashion line. Super Junior M are once again the spokespersons of Semir. With their suave dance moves and cute actions, you will surely feel it**. Semir has new ways to promote their fashion line! Nearing Chinese New Year, Semir and their spokepersons Super Junior M crossover and jointly launch 3 limited edition designs, as a gift to their customers. The 3 grand designs that Semir launched this time, has bright yellow and black as its main colours. The limited edition bright yellow hoodie emphasizes on youthfulness; the black reflective jacket feels like fashion from the future; and the main piece, a yellow-black striped sweater, got its inspiration from the stripes of the tiger***. New year is always the best excuse to buy new clothes, and the Semir-Super Junior M crossover collection is obviously the best choice for the tiger year.

* A China clothing line
** I’m not sure if this is a typo error or not, because it sounds weird. If it’s a typo error, the translation should be “you will surely be touched”.
*** Chinese believe in the zodiac, and the zodiac sign of this year is the tiger.

Source: http://info.cloth.hc360.com/2010/02/080918170335.shtml
Translated by: EMILYYY @ SJ-World.net


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