Shindong’s Ideal Type is Sunny from SNSD


Super Junior Shindong has chosen SNSD Sunny to be his ideal type.

During the show SBS E!TV “Jo Hyungki Park Joonkyu’s hyungnim restaurant” which will aired on Feb 18th, when talking about SNSD who are in the same company, Shindong has revealed that Sunny is his ideal type.

While talking about the girl groups SNSD, f(x) etc…., when being asked “Which member is the one who looks most different before and after make-up”, Shindong said “Sunny looks very different after make-up” and “but I prefer the face with no make-up more”.

Shindong also continued with “My ideal type is a girl who has short height, sexy and cute . Among celebrities, they’re Song Hyekyo & Sunny”

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