100220 Henry Baidu Replies


Hello everyone!!
Long time no see!!!
Happy new year!!
Happy Chinese new year!!!
give me red packet*!!!!

I’m really sorry everyone!I haven’t come on to greet you…Some things came up recently so I’ve been very busy…Sorry!I miss you all too!!Really!!!How are you doing lately?Does String**still like me?

I’m in Taiwan now! Tomorrow we have our super show 2!I have a new “SURPRISE” for everyone at Super Show 2!SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!***

Thanks everyone for always supporting me!!!I’ll remember all of you forever!I have to sleep soon… I have to get out of bed early tomorrow morning…I just wanna tell all of you…We sjm and sj will no matter what problem will continue on…Everyone don’t have to worry!Thank you for always supporting us .. supporting meTHANK YOU!!!!It’s already late… All of you quickly go to bed!!!

ok done…I’m going..Go to bed…You must see my BIG SURPRISE tomorrow ! Definitely will let you feel very surprised… ok?beybye!!I love you allGoodnight! Happy New Year…OOHHH! Also….Wanna say to the other FANSITE (Korean…Chinese sites…lovesjm…concerto…endless…henrylau.cn…henry cyworld!….etc…) thank you all! Happy New Year! gong xi fa cai


… !!!I love you all!!okokBYEBYE!!!

*red packet or 紅包 is a monetary gift given on holidays or special occasions like chinese new year/lunar new year or birthdays

**String – Henry’s fans

***Henry made a typo..it’s supposed to be jing xi not jin xi ^^

#A Lunar New Year greeting

cr: Henry’s baidu bartranslations by: astrid@sj-world.net


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