Super Junior’s Back In Taiwan!


Super Junior’s Back! 1500 fans wildy chase at them

Braving the cold front, well over a thousand fans jam-packed Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport to welcome the Korean wave’s hugely popular group Super Junior. The fans were chaotically pushed their way into the airport’s Terminals 1 and 2, and because they wanted to get close to their idols, they ran and jumped up to Super Junior without feeling “Sorry, Sorry” about it.

Since they are holding concerts tomorrow and the day after that, Super Junior arrived yesterday afternoon on different flights, with both flights arriving an hour airport to Taoyuan International Airport. Organizers requested the assistance of 50 additional personnel to help protect the superstar group, but approximately 1,500 fans squeezed into Terminal 2’s arrival hall area awaiting them.

Once Super Junior arrived to the airport, the thousand-plus fans fiercely pushed their way past the barricades before they were completely set up, pressing hard against the glass to take pictures, and doing everything they could to climb up to higher ground. The scene was nearly out of control, as fans were accused by the organizers afterwards for tearing down the protective corridor.

The members of the group are busy today with their busy itinerary in arriving before their concert. Yesterday, the members of the two arriving groups left the airport for the posh Sherwood Taipei hotel, then for dress rehearsal that night. This is also Super Junior’s last stop in their Asian tour.




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