100220 Super Show II Taiwan FanAccount by Elfish


Note1: If there’s no mention of names, it’s referring to what Donghae was doing at the time
Note2: As ELFISH is a Donghae fansite, this ‘live’ account is Donghae centric
Note3: Notes in italic are written by ELFISH, notes in small fonts are by translator

Source: ELFISH
May take out with FULL and proper credits to ELFISH for original account and SJ-World.net for English translation

19:10 Opening, playing VCR..Whole arena was cheering~

19:15 First song was “A MAN IN LOVE”, Donghae jumped out handsomely~ ><

19:20 “U” Listening from the phone, Taiwan fans were very enthusiastic……

19:25 Now is “Neorago”. The girl said Donghae walking down the stage while singing was very handsome

19:29 ‘She wants it” Donghae’s hair today is short. Heechul’s hair was tied up, wore shades

19:36 Now is the part for self-introductions. Siwon said Happy New Year~ Eunhyuk’s hair is black, very short too~

Note: During self-introduction a few members said Happy New Year~

19:39 Just now Donghae’s self-introduction said…..My dear babies…. (Everyone let’s memorise= =|||) Correction: Donghae himself did a Windmill…And (he did it) perfectly successfully…. (Alright Windmil is a floor movement*…..really ><**)

* a breakdancing move

** Literal meaning of this word is entangled, intertwined. But in this case I don’t know the word to describe or translate this but the best expression is this..

19:41 Now’s “Angela” Eunhyuk and Donghae were stripping Siwon’s clothes (covers eyes) 86line please continue…..

19:47 Now’s “Miracle”

19:52 “Dancing out” 86line is still very playful* = =|||| Anyway the girl could only use playful to describe….

* referring to the three of them doing strange stuff like Eunhyuk and Donghae stripping Siwon

19:59 It’s Donghae’s solo. A lot of fans were holding up the free small support banner given out by ELFISH~ Donghae saw it too~ Thank you everyone~><

20:01 Now’s Yesung’s solo “Reconciliation” The girl used a lot of very handsome to describe……

20:06 Ryeowook’s solo “Insomnia”

Note: The reception now is bad. The phone line kept not getting through >< Indeed it’s the enthusiasim of Taiwan fans?……

20:11 Kyuhyun’s solo, Jam Hsiao’s “Forgive Me” The girls were once again subdued by (his) pronunciation ……

20:15 KRY and Sungmin’s “what if” The girl said….Background was the boat song…..Right Indeed it’s ELFISH’s style||||

20:20 Now’s “heartquake”, the ‘live’ atmosphere- -sounds very high

20:25 Now’s Leeteuk’s solo

20:28 Heechul’s solo, “Sonata of Temptation”, still white suit jacket~The girl said like handsome like a SD doll, Then..Took off……|||Red sleeveless silk top, very sexy …… Instant Barbie doll-like …… =o=~!!

20:31 The girl at the concert said now’s playing a battle video||||….super attack……

20:32 “Don’t Don” starting

Note: During “disco drive” Donghae knelt down, then Siwon went to pull him…

20:34 The girl said tremblingly……That they were frightened by Eunhyuk and Donghae’s fight scene …… Alright Fish sshi you two’s acting is so real

20:37 It’s “Twins”…Heechul let down his hair, Donghae’s hair really looks good…

20:41 Now’s “our love” The girl said looks like little school kids sitting in a (straight) row… (Have you seen any school children standing up as they pleased in class?)

20:46 Now’s fairytale segment “Puff the Magic Dragon”

Note: During “our love” Donghae wore a black singlet, flowing hair is totally growing backwards*, MinHae even selca-ed on stage using cellphones, a lot of little actions very cute

* referring to instead of growing older, he’s becoming younger

20:55 Now’s a hot dance

20:57 Henry’s solo, little Henry fighting~

Correction: Henry’s solo is the hot dance……

Note: Just now Donghae and the rest were playing 100m race to the finish. There’s even a finishing line= =|||totally inversely……growing*……

* referring to instead of growing older, he’s becoming younger

21:01 It’s “Blue Tomorrow” now. A lot of people sang along. Very touching T.T

21:05 “super girl”

21:06 SJM wore grey and black suits

21:10 The girl said it seems that Donghae teased* someone’s ass again……But only took notice of the ass….Doesn’t know who it was……

* teasing in this case as in poking or slapping kinda tease

Note: During Siwon’s solo just now, the girl was looking for Donghae, found a totally prince-like person, it’s our hae in suit. describe as: like a student in graduation gown

Note: Just now SuJu did the mask dance, it’s said to be similar to Dance Battle

21:15 “Shining star” Heechul wore a black robe and black-rimmed glasses

21:18 Now’s “Sorry Sorry Answer” All in white suits

Note: Just now during “Shining star” Donghae was very happy. Kept indicating hearts and smiled at fans ^ ^ Fish sshi as long as you’re happy~

21:23 “Super Man”

21:28 “Rokkugo”

21:32 SJ performed f(x)’s chu!!!Donghae’s amber wore a black cap and had very stylish clothes on~Extremely cute~Heechul was Suli, tied two braids~

[i]Note: No one cried during today’s “Shining star”, atmosphere was pleasant, during “Sorry Sorry” Heechul wore white-rimmed glasses

Note: Chu was Donghae Hyukjae Ryeowook Shindong Heechul, “GEE” just ended, Donghae with short hair even tied it up, extremely funny= =

21:40 “Pajama Party”

21:55 Now is “Carnival”, Donghae and Heechul were hot dancing closely, then stick to Hyukjae doing a chest vibration >////<

21:59 “Marry U”

22:02 Siwon just took an America cap from a fan. Now “Marry U” is going to end soon, Siwon said “hope you will enjoy our 4th album” (in Chinese^^)

22:08 Lastly Siwon said “Gong Xi Fa Cai”*, Donghae kept saying “Must call me”…Then refused to go…Asking others to call him

* A Lunar New Year greeting

Note: Siwon went to the second floor to spray everyone with the watergun~

22:10 The concert has ended now

Source: ELFISH
May take out with FULL and proper credits to ELFISH for original account and SJ-World.net for English translation




“Donghae gave our support a lot of response, played with the girls holding little banners at C Zone, indicating hearts, giving flying kiss, really totally cute, kept staring at the rainbow towels in B Zone, smiling happily at the girls~”
*”Today Donghae sshi wore pink…color…undies><covers face. Kyuhyun sshi wore black…color……”
“During “Marry U” there’s “hearts+I do” combined signages, very pretty”
During the last encore, Donghae kept doing the “Call Me” action, saying “give me a call”, the fans off-stage replied with “Give me (your) number”XDDD Donghae, what is your phone number?
*During “Gee”, Donghae tied his hair><Extremely cute, took off cap and jacket
*During Chu~ Donghae wore a red jacket, and torn jeans. Ryeowook was Luna, the girls said the wig wearing Ryeowook wearing was ultra sexy, looks extremely alike><

cr.elfish translated by viragis@sj-world.net


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