News Reports about Super Show II in Taiwan


The Super Junior Craze is here! On the night of the 20th, at Taipei’s Super Dome, not only were there the screams of 11000 fan girls, but the whole place was filled with Sapphire Blue balloons. Although SJ was lacked with 3 members, they still gave their best on the stage, singing and dancing. Other than that, they also prepared 2 songs that were never performed before in Taiwan, showing that SJ is indeed very sincere towards their fans.

The concert started at 7pm, when the lights went off, the fans started to scream, and the 10 members appeared at different locations, accompanied by spotlights and fireworks, lifting up to its name of 「SUPER SHOW」. They sang a total of 33 songs, bringing the crowd to its maximum, and when it was the member’s solo performances, it showed the charisma that SJ possesses.

SJ also covered other songs like Girls’ Generation’s Gee and f(x)’s Chu ~, the song they prepared only for the Taiwan stop. Before the concert, they were asked who would look the prettiest when dressed up as a lady, Eeteuk felt that because Siwon is really muscular, it is very sexy, and Donghae teasingly kept on touching Siwon’s muscles; When singing Sorry Sorry, the crowd was once again brought to its highest level, with them dancing up and down the stage. They sang their last song, Marry U, which successfully wrapped up the concert.

After the concert, Super Junior felt really grateful to the Taiwanese fans. Before the concert, they had a press conference, and stated that this stop for their Asia Tour is a memorable one, thus, prepared 2 specials segments. As for their feelings towards winning the Daesung, Eeteuk said that he is someone who cried easily, and although he was really happy at that time, he felt upset that he wasn’t able to share this happiness with some of the members that wasn’t present; When asked what things they would like to do during the Lunar New Year, the SJ happily stated, “get red packets” because in Korea, only those who are not married are able to get a red packet, with one member stating, “it’s better to get married later”

The concert was in full force, official merchandises were all sold out outside the concert hall, with the 2 days estimation for achieving almost 190 0000 merchandises sold. The sale of CD has already broken the 1000 record in a single day, with fans buying them at an alarming rate. There will be another concert on the 21 at Super Dome, but the tickets have all been sold out. Fans who didn’t manage to catch SJ would have to wait for the next Asia Tour.

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The Korean boy band, Super Junior, who won the Daesung last year, has finally brought Super Show II into Taipei’s Super Dome. Although it was really a pity that only 10 were present because Hangeng, Kangin and Kibum was absent, they gave a special performance with them dressed up as their junior, f(x) for the Taiwan fans.

At the press conference before the concert, the 10 members was already went back to their respectively family to celebrate the Lunar New Year Holidays, collecting red packets. Eeteuk happily stated: “In Korea, only those who are not married can get red packets. Therefore, we have to get married at a later time.”Heechul also revealed that in Taiwan, they will be impersonating their junior f(x), and also said that Siwon, when dressed as a lady, is “really sexy”, because his muscles are really big, while Donghae teasingly touched Siwon’s biceps. When asked why Eeteuk cried after winning the Daesung last year, he said: “After winning such a prestigious award, I thought about those members that weren’t present to share our happiness, and felt really disappointed.” The recent issues about Hangeng’s contract termination and Kangin’s hiatus and led to the several upsets in the group.

The fans have been SJ’s biggest strength, with tickets from both days concert completely sold out, with all 11000 sits all taken up, making it the concert with the highest sales in Super Dome’s record. Many of the fans also used the money they got from their red packets to chase after their idols, with a day chartered bus costing up to $15000. In the opening concert VCR, SJ came to Earth from another planet, and in it, images of Kangin and Hangeng was left intact, making the fans really happy. Furthermore, the SJ members would suddenly appear out of nowhere, with a close approximate with the fans, making the amount they paid worthwhile. The 33 songs that Super Junior sang too bought the whole concert venue down.

Super Junior also wished their fans a happy Chinese new year, with them shouting “Happy new year”, When the concert was in full force, apart from the segment where they sang Girls’ Generation’s Gee, Heechul, Donghae, ShinDong, Ryeowook and Eunhyuk also dressed up as f(x), dancing to their song, Chu ~. Sorry Sorry also had a new image, with really fast melodies and some parts changed to the tune of other songs, accompanied with sophisticated dance moves.

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SJ changes 8 costumes for concert, delights fans with their dance.

Super Junior (SJ) has finally arrived in Taiwan, Taipei’s Super Dome. Eeteuk, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Donghae, Sungmin, ShinDong, Kyuhyun. Siwon and SJ-M member Henry and Zhoumi, these 12 members sang a total of 33 songs, and also covered Girls’ Generation’s Gee, F(x)’s Chu ~, bringing the 11000 people crowd to its highest point.

(Eeteuk teases Siwon about his muscles)

SJ prepared 2 special songs for their Taiwan stop, including Heechul’s idea, which was to dance f(x)’s Chu ~, as well as Henry’s solo, Sick of Love. Kyuhyun also brushed up on his Chinese, and covered Jam Hsiao’s Forgive me, showing off their gratefulness to their fans. Leader Eeteuk expressed that, if all of the members were to dress up, they would definitely look very pretty. However, since Siwon was one of the muscular ones in the group, he looked very sexy dressed up as a lady. Donghae then went to touch Siwon’s muscles, causing the group to laugh.

The stage was magnificent; accompanying it was 350 LED, a dance platform and 150 fireworks, causing fans to screaming continuously, SJ-M’s Zhoumi and Henry also joined in the concert, and Taiwan-born Henry, together with Eunhyuk and Ryeowook also participated in Heechul’s Sonata of Temptation solo. At the second half of the concert, when it was the Sorry Sorry performance, the whole hall was filled with screams, and the fans were too singing along. SJ’s charisma is really overpowering, with 1,900,000 official merchandises already sold. The members stated that for their next Asia Tour, they would want to visit Taiwan again, and also they will be releasing their 4th album this year.

(Never forgetting to collect the red packets)

Although their schedules are really packed, SJ still went back home for the Lunar New Year. In Korea, it is a tradition that only those who are not married are entitled for a red packet. The members said: “Getting married at a later age is good, so that we can continue to collect red packets.” Last year, when they were awarded the Daesung, Eeteuk cried on stage, he said. “I am someone who cries easily, and when SJ won this award, plus when I thought about the members who weren’t present, emotions overwhelmed me, and thus I cried. Thank you fans for your love, we are still not perfect, so, we will work hard.”

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