100223 Henry’s Baidu Replies


dui…zhe shou ge (Sick of Love) shi wo ziji zuo de…
geci ye shi wo xie de! (you dian qi guai) hehe
hao ting ma?
keneng yi hou keyi fang zai wang shang gei nimen download!
biao yan hao kan ma?

yes… this song (Sick of Love) i made it myself…
lyrics were also written by me! (it’s a bit strange) hehe
was it good?
maybe in the future it can be put on the internet for you guys to download!
Was the performance good?


From here

keneng yihou yao yong zhong wen lai lu yi bian gei nimen!

➋Maybe in the future I need to re-record it in Chinese for you guys!


From here

xie xie ! dajia wan an! sweet dreams!

➌Thank you! Good night everyone! Sweet Dreams!


From here

xie xie!
na wo jiu jing liang kuai dian lu “Sick of Love” gei nimen download hao le!
zai xie zhong wen ge ci de shi hou wo jiu yao yi bian xie ci yi bian xue xi zhong wen .. hehe ^^
nimen dou name zhi chi wo…wo zhi neng nuli ba zui hao de zuo ping gei nimen…(this is the only way I can show my gratitude to all of you)
qing dajia qidai geng hao de biao yan…geng hao ting de ge….!
wan an!
xiexie wo ai nimen!

➍Thank you!

Then I will try hard to quickly record “Sick of Love” for you guys to download!
While I write the Chinese lyrics, I want to write lyrics and practice my Chinese..hehe ^^
You guys support me so much… I can only work hard and give you the best results…(this is the only way I can show my gratitude to all of you)
Everyone, please look forward to a better performance… better songs…!
Good night!
Thank you I love you all!

Translated by: one_love@sj-world.net
Please take out with full credits!


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