[PICS] 100224 Kyuhyun Cyworld Photo Entry No.2


Title: 09. Tokyo Journey – Day 2
Written on 2010.02.24 at 04:55 AM

The guide for a journey to Tokyo with no definite object in view is none other than…..


To ignorant me who went without thinking

it is a really impressive site that gave me a whole lot of help ㅠㅠ

With the help of that Wingbus site

I randomly went to find MaiSen (まい泉)**,

located in ‘Omotesando’ in the nearby ‘Omotesando Hills’***,

in order to eat tonkatsu****, one of the things I wanted to eat when going to Japan..

The problem is that there was something wrong in what I noted down to find my way to MaiSen

therefore I only just found it at the end of a full hour of wandering about, so I took a touching picture ㅠㅠ

Then once inside, I ordered a sensational black pig fillet for dinner,

so I ate and finished it in victory..ㅎㅎ

Mmh…of course it was rather expensive (2940yen*****…허거******….)

but even so with the thought of not knowing whether I could go again..

The taste was the greatest anyway ^^

* Wingbus is a website that collects stories and pictures posted up by bloggers about their tour(s). This helps future travellers get information about restaurants, sightseeing places, etc. This is the section Kyuhyun visited, and this? is the information on the place he went to eat at.
** MaiSen is a famous pork cutlet restaurant chain.
*** Omotesando Hills
**** Tonkatsu is a pork cutlet.
***** For the record, the first comment in the reviews page of this particular restaurant said “expensive”, lmao. He spent 32.60 USD on a pork fillet.
****** I’m thinking it’s a sort of exclamation like our “wth”, or “oh my”.

Original Source. 조규현미니홈피
Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET


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