Leeteuk “Kim Yuna’s Existence is itself is already a gold medal”


Super junior leader Eeteuk prays and sends his cheers to ‘figure queen’ Kim Yuna for her (possible) gold medal at the Vancouver winter Olympics.

In an interview on the 23th, Eeteuk said “The only fact that the ice athlete Kim Yuna exists is already a gold medal” and “she has powers to overwhelm her competitors so if she just does what she does normally then she’ll get the gold medal”. The public support and the global media spotlight might be a burden but she should just don’t get hurt and do her best like she always does.

In 2007, Eeteuk along with Super Junior had been chosen for an uniform CF with Kim Yuna. Even if there wasn’t mutual exchanges since then the fans had cheered for Kim Yuna at that time.

“Last week-end I went to Taiwan for Asia tour and there I made researches on the internet about winter Olympics.” He said. “Among the figure skaters, I have read that the Finland Figure skater Kiira Korpi was pretty, I looked and she is indeed pretty. ” He added, laughing.

Eeteuk enumerated one by one all the South Korean publicized athletes present at the Winter gams of Vancouvert. “After Mo Taebum won the Gold Medal the interview ‘Because of the lack of attention, I made a good performance’ was the most impressive.” Leeteuk said, He also added “The speed skating athlete Lee Sung hoon saw some events changing but by all means his dream won. I want to learn that fighting spirit. “. Finally he pointed out that “Althrough he didn’t get a medal I was very impressed by the noble olympic spirit that has shown Lee Kyuhyuk”.

Article source here
Translated by Alice (`Whiteuk별♯♪) @ sj-world.net
Take out with full credits and without addint your own!

Alice’s note:
This article was made a few days ago, therefore before Yuna even did the short program.
The thing is, even before that or even before the olympic started, For Korean people she was going to win for sure. She is already world Champion and there was like no other way for Korean people it seems. She is in so many commercials and you can see her everywhere those days she is really huge in Korea right now. The day after the Short program in the news korean people were already saying things like “Tomorrow, gold medal”…And you know how netizens are, and fans in general (she has her own stalkers, I have heard she can’t be in the Olympic village because of them) and korean people…. It must have been hard to keep a good spirit under so much pressure. So I thought Jungsoo’s words were really sweet ❤

However she just finished free program today and she won! Gold medal as hoped ❤


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