[EDIT] Siwon NOT casted for movie “Quiz King”


UPDATE (kr time feb 26; 11:30)
The Korea article was wrong. The director of the movie posted on his me2day (korean version of Twitter) and explained that Siwon will not be in the movie (it seem like he was supposed to. Probably his drama schedule made it impossible).

Journalists are trully weird. If they just give one call to the company they would know everything, I don’t know where they hear these things from strange places. I felt sorry for Siwon who was going to appear in my movie “Quizz King” but then couldn’t. Siwon! Next time let’s adjust time together. Now for your drama, fighting!

Original source Jang Jin Official me2day
Translated by Alice (`Whiteuk별♯♪) @ sj-world.net

Actor Kim Sooro & Han Jaesuk and Super Junior Siwon have been casted for the new comic movie called “Quiz King” of the director Jang Jin. A person in charge of the movie said “Director Jang Jin and the actors are reading the script and they plan to film the movie soon”.

“Quiz King” is a movie about 6 blockheaded guys that get together by a traffic acident, they all want to have as much money as a lotto’s prize so they participate in a quiz show, all of them know the answer for the last question by chance and the movie is about their individual struggle to guess the right answer for the previous questions.

“Quiz King” is planned to start filming in March.


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