100302 Leeteuk Cyworld Diary Entry


2010.03.01 월(2010.03.02 03:59)
..Trainee period..once dreamt of living such glamourous life..
..but now it seems like its time to have another dream..
..although (I’m) smiling like this everyday..although I’m noisy like this everyday..
..I want to know my future look..(I’m)still a bit worried..
..10 years..or maybe 5 years later..how would I look like..
..will those people that waves because of us still be around..
..will I be able to become that handsome husband of my dreams..or handsome father..
..a dream that I am not confident of..so scared..
..the elders always say..”you think living on is so easy..”
..this sentence..I seem to understand now..
..Now I seem to receive some energy..
..there is a lot of time to look at the sky..
..still need more training..have to become stronger..
..not because you have to be a strong person to be able to live,but your living self is already a strong person..
..the feelings during the trainee period….
..that lonely feeling..desolated feeling..appeared again not very long ago..
..once again, (I will) clench my teeth and continue running..hyu………………………….

From 박정수 CY
From Korean to Chinese: E @ jsholic.com
From Chinese to English: τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪@ SJ-WORLD.NET

teukie…should take a break and relax…T.T


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