ELFISH 100306 SS2 in Shanghai Fanaccount


Note: The girl said Kyuhyun and Leeteuk’s sisters are here today, let’s enjoy the CON everyone^^

19:47 Opening now~Showing VCR

19:52 ‘A Man In Love’, a lot of rainbow towels~Donghae kept staring^^

19:55 Donghae, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk all spotting short hair, the girl said very handsome!!!!

19:55 During the opening, the girl said Donghae wore a windbreaker-like clothes, have not seen this dance before, seems to be a new choreograph, to be confirmed><Donghae~Have to be happy tonight~

19:57 ‘U’, short hair Donghae is very charismatic~~

20:02 New version of ‘Neorago’, the girl exclaimed it to be very handsome

20:05 Jacket……Thrown away><Very sexy~

20:06 There’s a lot of rainbow towels~Donghae kept staring at the towels, the girl very cutely said that he loves us a lot todayT T~Eunhyuk dyed his hair – partly blonde, Heechul’s hair is totally black very long very flowing very beautiful, Donghae’s short hair is very charming

20:10 Now’s self-introduction

20:11 During introduction, Jongwoon was performing kicking~

20:13 Ryeowook said “I’ve missed you all”, Sungmin kicked too, everyone is very lively><

20:14 Donghae’s self-introduction, “dear babies, long time no see, everyone don’t catch a cold, you’re all my everything, I love all of you”. Even came out to make trouble during Siwon’s self-intro><

20:16 Self-introduction completed, to sum up, Donghae was playing alone standing, very HIGH~the girl said looks to be playing with the microphone

20:17 ‘Angela’, Donghae was singing and suddenly thought of something (seen something fun?><) Siwon was close to Donghae, in the end was pulled away. After that Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Shindong started a running competition>///<, another girl said it’s Sungmin not Shindong (checking><), Donghae came in second

20:19 ‘Miracle’, dancing to dongsaeng’s ‘RING DING DONG’~

20:20 Jongwoon pulled Donghae’s hand and returned to the main stage~ All members are very HIGH~The girls are HIGH too~

20:22 Siwon smacked Dognhae’s ass- –

20:27 During ‘Dancing out’, Donghae took our rainbow towel~~holding it for a long time><

20:29 Now’s Sungmin’s solo ‘baby baby’

20:30 The girl said during self-introduction Donghae treat everyone’s turn as his own…Was very HIGH alone T_T

20:34 Donghae’s solo

20:36 Donghae’s solo, combined support light banners were lit up, a lot very beautiful very shiney very pretty, when Donghae selca he took himself together with the support (banners). Shooting extremely happily~~~

20:41 Now’s Ryeowook’s solo

20:43 Kyuhyun’s solo, ‘Forgive me’, the audience are singing along

20:48 Kyuhyun cried during his solo><Don’t cry~

20:48 ‘what if’

20:51 ‘Heartquake’, half of Eunhyuk’s clothes is fur! Super cool! The audience is calling to him

20:56 Leeteuk’s solo

20:59 Heechul’s solo, the girl said is totally stunning beauty~

21:02 ‘Don’t Don’ VCR

21:05 ‘Don’t Don’, coming out now, Donghae is in a white vest, came out from the main stage

21:07 Eunhyuk and Donghae’s fight segment, was on the raised platform, everyone’s from the acting faction~

21:09 ‘TWINS’

21:11 The girl said today’s stage lights looks very good~

21:12 Heechul dressed decadently

21:15 Now’s ‘Our love’

21:18 During ‘Our love’, Shindong and Leeteuk reached into Donghae’s clothes through the collar to touch his chest>///<, Donghae went to touch Yesung oppa’s philtrum….Yesung oppa twisted wildly, Donghae was laughing hard

21:22 Fairy tale segment, Donghae came out first to sing the first few verse, then ran back to take the net- -The girls went crazy over his cuteness~~Together with Leeteuk, even used the net as a hammock for Heechul, and forcefully…threw [him]TAT

21:26 Dance battle~VCR~

21:31Siwon’s solo, the girl said Donghae accompanimented~

21:34 ‘Blue tomorrow’

21:37 ‘Super Girl’

21:38 ‘Super Girl’ Donghae in full black~, very handsome

21:41 Donghae’s undies is……red~

21:46 Donghae~Took the rainbow towel again!

21:48 ‘Sorry Sorry’~

21:50 When Donghae was running backstage from the front stage, [he] jumped up~Wearing suit, the way he ran was very handsome

21:51 During ‘Shining Star’ Donghae was holding the rainbow towel in his armsT T

21:53 ‘Sorry Sorry’ Donghae wore shades, Heechul white hat and shades, Siwon~wore nothing beneath that suit jacket~

21:55 Siwon exposed his abdominon- -Donghae’s shades were gone miraculously

21:58 Heechul had his hair up in a white hat~the movement going offstage quickly was very cute…

21:58 Playing ‘Chu~’ VCR, anticipating Haeber~

22:05 Note: During ‘Shining Star’ Donghae was sitting facing our light banners, even kept on looking for his own banners. A lot of people were throwing paper planes from the balcony

22:06‘Chu~’ Heechul’s hair is in a bun~kept touching it><Now’s T’s turn to perform~

22:10 Eunhyuk is lying on the ground and the whole group is teasing him…in the end he lied [face down] on the ground= =

22:12 Kyuhyun climbed onto Donghae’s back, Donghae piggybacked him~~><Even said thank you in Mandarin~~~~~

22:13 Donghae wanted to catch the rainbow towel, was unsuccessful, so he picked one up and hang it on his shoulder, dropped it even picked it up and ran- =

22:16 Encore, Heechul’s fairytale in progress…

22:22 Donghae! The fourth time tonight that he took the rainbow towel><Hung on his waistT_T

22:26 Donghae said, “Call me tonight….” Then tell us your numberT_T

22:27 ‘Marry U’, everyone* were saying, “All of you are our everything”. It’s not good to be greasy together with Donghae><

* referring to the boys

22:28 Heechul smacked Donghae’s ass, then hugged Donghae from the back. Then Donghae ran to the front stage and played towards the camera, Leeteuk played paper planes with people at the rostrum.

22:30 Donghae~flying kiss

22:31 The concert is over, thank you Donghae, right to the end, rainbow towel is still hanging [on him], thank youT_T

Additional notes:
♣ Donghae brought the rainbow towel backstage……Mister you haven’t paid!!

♣ Before the ending Donghae gave the Hae banners on the balcony the thumbs up

♣ During ‘Shining Star’, Donghae was standing at the front of the extended stage, a lot of colorful paper planes were on flying onto the stage, Donghae stood there, wanted to catch but couldn’t, the lights shining on him very beautiful, holding rainbow towel in his hand, a lot of paper planes on the side, looked like a little prince.

♣ When Donghae was saying “You’re all my everything”, was giggling shyly, seems like he said this too much, so he was embarassed><

♣ During Donghae’s solo when he came out, all support light banners lit up instantly, the girl said Donghae suddenly became glittery><

♣ Right at the end, Donghae was running and jumping and doing a leg hooking-like action~the towel completely didn’t budge~tied it so tightly~hanging it and running around the whole venue~very proud~

Source: ELFISH
May take out with FULL and proper credits to ELFISH for original account and SJ-World.net for English translation
Please ask for permission for retranslation

Note1: If there’s no mention of names, it’s referring to what Donghae was doing at the time
Note2: As ELFISH is a Donghae fansite, this ‘live’ account is Donghae centric
Note3: Notes in italic are by ELFISH, notes in small fonts are by translator

Source: ELFISH


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