100304 Super Junior Best Star Replies UFO


Fan : ELF ♥ Suju ) Oppaaa~! I miss you to death ㅠㅇㅠ

Kyuhyun : Dont die ㅠㅠ

Fan : I havent done my vacation homework yet Yesung oppa oppa please help me T^T

Yesung : it’s homework

This fan made a mistake when typing the word “vacation homework”, she typed “방학숙재” instead of “방학숙제”, Yesung just corrected her ^^

Fan : I miss you…

Leeteuk : I miss you, too ~ Please wait for a little longer ~ We’ve almost done with the preparing ~

Fan : Wherever you go, smiling superbly you’re Fried Chicken
A good chicken being a matchless beauty is thought of a Fried Chicken
Hard to get, unstoppable, you’re truly Fried Chicken

Donghae : Fried Chicken ~ I’m sick of it ~ You should find something newer ㅋㅋ

닭 강정 is Fried Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Sauce. This fan re-wrote “Sorry Sorry” lyrics like what Kyuhyun did in his diary entry which was posted on March 26th, 2009.

Fan : ♥ Shindong ♥ If you dont reply…will you give me a hug *_* (I love 13 members)

Shindong : Uhm……….I will hug you…

Credits : UFOTown
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
thanks trucylee for the shout out

may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits


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