100308 Zhoumi UFO Replies


Fan: Zhou Mi. Ge, rest well when you return to Beijing. We’re always here. And also, thank you. You made me so touched because I’ve liked the right person. Okay, I’m going to sleep. Good night. Ge, long time no see.

ZM: Lili, long time no see, thanks to all of you for always being by my side! When I think about singing for all of you, I’m not afraid anymore. Thank you everyone.

ZM: Yuyi, finally saw everyone again. I feel satisfied being able to sing in front of everyone that day!

ZM: Hello JE, everyone has worked hard for the past two days, I love you all~

ZM: Yes, I really hope that I can keep on singing in front of everyone.

Note: For the last three replies, the fan who posted them up did not include their own UFO to Zhou Mi.

Credits: Zhoumi’s Baidu Bar
Thanks to chunny @ SJ-WORLD.NET for the heads up!
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Checked by τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪ @ SJ-WORLD.NET
May take out with full credits. Please do not modify the credits in any way.


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