Hangeng staying dormant in China; will release information about the lawsuit in May


Hangeng staying dormant in China: Will release everything about the (lawsuit) proceedings in May

Hangeng, on the matter of the progress of his contract termination and what happens in the future, expressed,” (I) Will hold a press conference in May, and reveal everything about it.”

Hangeng, who had filed for the termination of his contract from SM Entertainment in December last year, said during the phone interview he had accepted from Sports Chosun, ” As of now (I) am still in the middle of the litigation; before there is any conclusion, (I) will not be attending any activities.”

On the rumors of “Others are supporting Hangeng”, “Hangeng signs contract (for) a new group” etc, Hangeng denied them, “None of them are real.”

He said, “it’s not possible to say when the ligitations will end, but it’s estimated to be around April, mid-May. (I) am planning to hold a press conference in mid-May, and tell my fans what I intend to do in the future.”

Hangeng, on what he intends to do after this, carefully said, “Although I really want to be an actor after this, I’m however worried that before the ligitation ends, there would be some unclear problems arising, therefore it’s not really possible to answer right now.”

Hangeng, in December last year sued his company SM, requesting the termination of his contract. After that, he did not attend any Super Junior activities and had been staying in China all this while.

source : here
translated by aquamariine28@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits


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