[PICS] 100404 Sungmin Cyworld Diary Entry + 2 Photo Entries

2010.04.04 Sun 18:41

4th album will be a great success*!ㅋㅋ

*literally “4jib Daebak”

2010.04.04 18:43
Senie*‘s foot sole**
In the [ひゃくちゃんとせん] folder

Our Senie’s foot sole* ㅋㅋ Is now the background of my cellphone..

Too pretty~~~It is soft so it was very goodㅋ

* Sen, Sungmin calls him Senie
** paw

2010.04.04 18:47
Hyaku fainted..

Our Hyaku kept playing and then fainted because was too tired.

Couldn’t hunt the toy mouse(,) was slower than Sen..
But could eat junk food..ㅋ
Lately a little…Sluggish(?) our Hyaku…

Always pick a fight with Senie but couldn’t beat him..ㅋㅋ

So loveable our Hyaku..^^

2010.04.04 18:53
What is this…
In the [ぼくだよ] folder

Rummage through cellphone this Mingsica photo came out…

Hum….I looked like a woman…

If do it again…. Cannot! Absolutely cannot!~~~

Source: Lee Sungmin Cyworld
Shared in SJ-World.net
Take out with FULL credits


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