100409 Donghae’s 2 Tweets about SSII in Manila


지금 필리핀 마지막 SUPER SHOW2 하러 가기전에 아이티에서 찍은 현준 형님과^^!! SUPER SHOW2 너무나 많은 사랑을 주셨기 때문에 저희가 할수있었습니다! 너무너무 감사합니다!^^ http://twitpic.com/1e4k39

Now I’m going to Phillipines for Super Show2, this is a picture with Hyunjun hyung which before was taken in Haiti^^! Becoz a lot of love that has been given to Super Show 2 we are able to do it! Really really thank you!^^

Source: Lee Donghae Twitter
Translated by superlover♫@SJ-World.net
Take out with FULL credits

필리핀 도착!^^이제 리허설 하러갑니다!^^공항에 진짜 많은 팬분들이 나와주셨어요!! 리허설도 열심히 !내일 콘서트도 열심히 !!기대해주세요!!^^

Arrived at Phillippines!^^ now the going to rehearsal!^^ A LOT of fans came out to airport today!!! Hard work for rehearsal! Hwaiting for tomorrow’s concert as well!! Please look forward to it!! ^^

credits : Twelfs

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