[NEWS] Hangeng will appear in ShenZhen after learning dance(s) in America



Previously, just a bit after he returned to China, Hangeng has been interviewed by “Music Billboard” in Beijing, revealing for the first time his “secret life”. Hangeng said bluntly: “Very meaningful”.

When they spoke about his “secret life” precedently in the United States, Hangeng expressed that he didn’t like how the media talked about how he’s been living his life recently as a “secret life”. He said: “I just wanted to relieve boredom a little. Also, in the States, there was work too. While I was in America, I found Micheal Jackson’s choreographer for some lessons. So every day, I had dance lessons.” Apart from his dance classes, Hangeng had also found an English teacher to teach him privately the English language.

During the interview, Hangeng revealed that he’s most likely to thanks his fans who always supported him. While speaking of the loyal fans of his, Hangeng’s eyes became watery and at that time, he told the camera crew to stop recording for a few minutes, not wanting the fans to see him upset. At the end of the interview, Hangeng also expressed that he will be attending the Music Billboard’s 10th years festival in Shenzhen.

*Shenzhen : It’s a sub-provincial city in Guang Zhou, China

Time news informations by (Trainee) Zhang Qian Qian and (Journalist) Xie Yi Juan

Credits to: Sina ent.
Translated by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net
May be taken out with full credits


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