[FANACCOUNTS] 100410 Super Junior SSII in Manila


1st fanaccount:

First of all, sorry if I can’t mention the title of the song, since I have a very short memory. err.gif. Anyway…So here’s basically what happened. (I’ll try to make it as chronological as I can, if my memory permits.)

~ The first part of the concert was actually quite a blur to me, since it was the start and all of us were pretty hyped up. All of us kept on turning around, wondering who will appear where. laugh.gif And I wasn’t able to record clearly Kyu’s performances at first because I was spazzing every time it’s his turn. laugh.gif

~They keep on saying Philippine instead of Philippines. Hahaha! It sounded really weird without the ‘s’. XD

~ Kyu always goes to SVIP right (I’m on the left side). sad.gif Good thing I have a good camera, I still got very good shots of him. mhm.gif

~Teukie and Donghae always come to us though.

~Heechul was not so hyper tonight… Or is it just me?

~I was actually spazzing Fishy’s chest while he was wearing the black tank top; w/c is a bit torn in his chest part. Gaaaah!

~ During the intro, Leeteuk sexily wiped his sweat w/ a towel and then threw it out to our area. Lucky girl to whoever got that towel.

~Heechul was introduced as the “Dangerous Cinderella”.

~ When Shindong was introduced, he recited the Filipino words for the numbers 1-10, then said some phrases (w/ a copy! LOL!) in Filipino like “Ano ba ‘yan!.” He was really cute when he said that! I wonder who taught him that. laugh.gif

~ Anyone knows how Kyu was introduced??? I only saw a glimpse of the ‘baby’ word. laugh.gif

~Kyu was really cheeky when he said something after his moonwalk. I didn’t catch the words ‘cause it was too noisy.

~ There was actually a KyuWon moment in the beginning (I forgot the song title). But Siwon kept on ‘flirting’ w/ our magnae. XD He kept touching his tummy (or abs?? lol.gif).. even after they’re finally on front.

~ I noticed Kyu has a band aid on his arms. Maybe it’s from the injury he had recently? Aaaw. CRY.gif

~ There was this song where at the end of it, Yesung smiled, and darn… I just love it when he smiles. His eyes seem to disappear. mhm.gif

~ A Man In Love – Everybody was screaming!

~ It’s You – As usual, Hyukjae’s chest popping is ÜBER hot!
– Hyukjae showed us his abs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– And when they took off their jacket, everybody was screaming like hell!

~ Angela – Sungmin carried Ryeowook! It was like watching a Father and son. mhm.gif Sungmin’s really muscular now, I should say.
– Kyu kinda cracked up because Shindong tickled him from the back. laugh.gif I saw a lot of KyuDong moment last night. Haha.
– At the end of the song, Kyu said something to Siwon, and Siwon hugged him (KyuWon again!). Aaaaw. mhm.gif

~ Miracle – Shindong came to us. When the tempo of the song slows down, he would signal us to calm a bit, and when the tempo speeds up, he would signal us to make jump and have fun. It was like a party!
–During the part of “Hoh! Hoh! Hoh!”, Ryeowook came to us and we sang w/ him the “Hoh! Hoh! Hoh!” with all the jumping and partying! laugh.gif

~ Sungmin’s solo – It was really… heart-touching. Sungmin was really into the song.

~Heechul’s solo –The song was pretty hard core. Haha. Heechul teased us with almost-kissing Henry. Thank god, he didn’t. I’m not ready for that. XD (not that I don’t like it though. Hahahahaha!)
-Henry’s violin skills really amazed me in this performance.

~ Don’t Don –The VCR was really amazing! And we saw HOT! Leeteuk, Donghae, Hangeng (?), Siwon, and Yesung dripping wet!!! Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy.
-When Henry appeared, we were all screaming “HENRY!!!!”.

~ There was this VCR where they showed SJ’s past achievements… and when Hangeng’s face was shown, almost all of us said “Aaaaaaaaw.” We really miss him. sad.gif

~ Our Love – Kyu’s voice cracked up again. But I guess he planned it, or Shindong or maybe other members suggested/requested it ‘because I saw him talking to them before his line. Those evil hyungs…. XD
– Hyuk actually got a longer line here! Yay! cute.gif
– When it was Donghae’s turn, he was posing while singing. Shindong was the photographer, and Hyuk was on Hae’s back. So it’s actually a EunHae photoshoot! laugh.gif
– At the end of the song, Yesung danced goofily and Shindong was beat boxing for the music and the others (and us too!) were cheering for him. Oh, Yesung. mhm.gif

~ Dance Battle Performance – IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! I was ogling at Kyu’s dance performance… he’s improved! Really! Seeing him dancing live makes me spazz to death!!

~ Henry’s solo – That boy is awesome! Henry’s very talented… and we keep chanting ‘Henry! Henry! Henry!’ And maybe he’s older than me, but I he still looked like a teenager to me. Really, he looked so young. Oh, mochi. mhm.gif

~ Zhoumi’s solo!!!!!!!!!!!!! – This surprised me COMPLETLY!!!!! When Henry exited the stage and saw Zhoumi coming out alone, I was like, “OMG. OMG. OMG. ZHOUMI HAS A SOLO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” And his voice was just amazing, I swear! The mic sucked at the first part though. dry.gif But he’s amazing in any way… he walked past us when he exited, and the ever Gentleman Mimi, he smiled at us and waved. Aaaw. There’s nothing about this guys that you don’t love. mhm.gif We were all screaming Happy Birthday Zhoumi everytime it’s just instrument playing. If only we know about his solo earlier, we could’ve given him a much better birthday project. sad.gif

~ Super Girl – I think most of the people there love this song so much. Everyone was singing!

~ The VCR message of the boys before Shining Star was very touching.
– Kyuhyun said Friendship (talking about what did not change in them.
-Sungmin said “The numbers of our members have increased” (talking about what has changed in SJ for the past 4 years). I think he was pertaining about Zhoumi and Henry. See? See? They’re part of SJ now. mhm.gif You guys should see the message. It’s really heartwarming.

~ Shining Star – I practically ran to Kyu’s place just to get a better view of him and to show him the towel. God, he looked so damn gorgeous. And he’s wearing a tie! Haha. Guess the bow tie is gone now. laugh.gif

~ Sorry Sorry Answer VCR – Watching the colored Sorry Sorry Answer was quite weird.. But it’s still awesome! And they showed Kangin a lot of times! Every time he shows, we all scream. Haha.
-Kyu’s ‘thinking’ scenes were showed a lot of times too. Darn. I was actually spazzing during those times. Haha. The way he sat on the couch made him looked like a real prince… And the way he smiled when he turned to see Kangin (who sort of slightly touching his ear or hair) was just L O V E! mhm.gif

~ Sorry Sorry – Kyu looked so uber hot w/ the white tux! All of them are! And they’re like glowing!
-Donghae’s actually not wearing anything underneath. 😯 Seems like somebody’s following Siwon’s steps. laugh.gif
-Siwon’s abs!!!!!!! Aaaah!
~ Chu – Ryeowook was really pretty with the wig. But I was hoping to see KyuYoung though. smile.gif

~ Rokugo – Hyuk turned to our section only to fix his socks. lmao.gif
– Teukie and Sungmin doing curl ups while singing. I wonder how they managed to do that. XD
– At the last part, Heechul was dancing goofily, and Shindong was cheering “Go Heechul! Go Heechul! Go Heechul!”
~ Wonder Boy –Most of the boys are actually not singing ‘coz they’re busy on getting us wet.
-Kyu also sprayed me with his water gun. Evil, evil Kyu. XD
– Someone in our section sprayed Donghae, and Hae keeps on spraying her too. Lol.

~ There was this song when Donghae started picking up towels, Kyu was staring at him that said like “ Are you really gonna wrapped it again in your waist?” Hae and him kept staring for a while (not sure if Hae was really looking at Kyu since I was focusing on Kyu), and then suddenly, Kyu started to dance goofily. lmao.gif

~ Another song where Teukie was doing something ( I don’t really know what, although I can see them clearly, lol) and Sungmin just kept on laughing. XD v Oh! It was a thong! ROFL! No wonder they keep on laughing. XD

~ Kyuhyun’s solo!!!! – Man. He was perfect. I already thought he sound awesome when I listen to his voice in mp3. But hearing it live is just so…. Breathtaking.

~ While saying goodbye – After calling him for a hundred of times, Zhoumi finally turned to us, gave us a wave and a very big kiss. mhm.gif I should say, he was really, really happy. He keeps smiling and waving to the fans. mhm.gif
– There was QMi in the end! That just made my entire lifetime. Seriously. mhm.gif
– Kyu bowed to us for like 1 or 2 minutes I guess. lol.gif We were actually cheering for him when he still didn’t stood up straight. XD
~ Anyone knows what Teukie in the end? I was busy spazzing over QMi. laugh.gif
~ I was puzzled about Siwon’s absence in the last songs, too. I wonder what’s wrong.

NB: I think Siwon wasn’t feeling too well near the end, so went off during the middle of a song…hope he’s all right


2nd fanaccount:

~~Not in chronological order~~

– The intro was SO AWESOME. Not only did the fireworks add a nice effect to the show, but the boys are just… Err… Simply put, I just kept on screaming “OH MY GOSH!!!” nonstop XD

– Kyuhyun’s voice cracked TWICE and he was soooo cute as he failed XDD If I’m not wrong, the first crack occured on Angela (totally not sure about this). I forgot the other song.

– Most of the boys were totally hyper! Donghae and Leeteuk caught my attention for so many times. They rock!

– Sungmin and Leeteuk doing sit-ups AND singing at the same time… I think it was during a SJ-H song.

– Sungmin carried Ryeowook during a song (again, can’t remember which song) XD

– Two words that need no explanation: ZHOUMI’S SOLO!!!

– The whole arena was totally loud during Henry’s solo! He’s sooo cute. ^_^

– Heechul totally rocked the stage with his solo! And the appearance of Ryeowook and Henry was epic. Henry made a grand entrance. Yeahhh!

– I was literally moved to tears during Siwon’s solo. I don’t even remember most of the scenes that happened during his solo because I was really crying throughout the whole song. T_T Call me over-acting or whatever, but I was so touched. It was so beautiful. I cried even more when he said “mabuhay” in the end. XD

– I also wept during SJM’s Blue Tomorrow (performed after Who Am I and before Super Girl). I think some of you may be able to guess why.

– Super Girl brightened me up. It was awesome. One of my favorite performances.

– Shindong Pig and Sungmin Cow were soooo cute as they danced together in front of the left VCR XD

– Sorry, Sorry = the best performance of the night. I think it was the peak moment of the night, I’m sure EVERYONE was really anticipating it.

– They sang Chu~♥ instead of Gee. I’m somehow disappointed coz I was waiting for it, but Chu~♥ wasn’t bad at all. They were all so pretty!

– The Jabbawockeez-style dance was just… wow.

– Don’t Don and Twins were really fierce and energetic.

– Sungmin’s solo gave me chills. So beautiful!

– During A Man In Love, EVERYONE was screaming and I can barely hear the song. XD

– I really enjoyed the colored version of Sorry Sorry – Answer on the VCR XD I think it was shown before Sorry Sorry.

– During U, Heechul looked really cute with the feathered fan, which was thrown at the fans. And I loved how the whole place echoed the line “coz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl” mhm.gif

– I’m totally loving Heechul’s and Leeteuk’s new hairstyles. There were some times when I mistook Leeteuk for Donghae (and vice versa) XD

– Kangin was featured in the VCRs! I totally miss him.

– I think this was before Heechul’s Messed-Up Fairytale: the stage was empty and not a lot of lights were on. A lot of people thought it was the end so everyone was screaming: “We want more! We want more!”

– Siwon spoke in English during the end. I fail for not being able to understand what he said coz everyone was screaming – well, who can blame them? It was a really exciting moment. ^_^

Speaking of Siwon, I was totally worried (I still am) coz he just disappeared towards the end of the show. He wasn’t in the part where all the guys would wear their animal hats and play with stuff that are thrown at them. I was waiting for him to reappear in Wonder Boy, but he didn’t. Kyuhyun took over his part. He only came out during the very end, when all of them waved and/or shook hands with the fans. He was even the first person to leave the stage – I was kinda surprised coz I read on a blog that’s he’s one of the last members to leave the stage during concerts. When he came back, he looked so tired. My friend also said that Leeteuk was helping him walk (I didn’t notice it coz I was staring at the VCR during that time). Does anyone know what really happened to him? I’m really worried. I hope he’ll be okay soon. 😦

Fancams and pics tomorrow! Though I probably won’t share common vids like Sorry Sorry coz my vids and pics are really LQ, I only used my 2-megapixel phone since I forgot to buy batteries for my camera, and I was only in Gen Ad. T_T

Sorry if I made any mistakes (i.e. confused a member for another). There are even some events that I didn’t know, like Kyuhyun kissing a girl’s hand… Oh, I might be wrong but I also didn’t see him do a selca with a fan’s camera.

Jungsoo fell on the floor laughing (he ended up litterally rolling on the floor laughing) and Sungmin was on his knees, pointing at him and laughing too.
cr.belle G @sj-world.net
Fanaccount 3:
– After Marry U, when the boys were already saying goodbye to the fans, Henry wore a Calvin Klein boxers over his pants. XD It was a really cute and funny moment, he drove the fans crazy when he did it. xD

– Also during that time, Yesung endorsed his OST song “It Has To Be You”. He sang the chorus without background music while the other boys were saying their goodbye words to ELF. Then when they were going to the backstage already, Yesung didn’t walk and kept on singing, causing Donghae to pull on the back of his shirt. He let Donghae drag him, but he still continued singing. xD So cute. ❤ And he sounded amazing, btw. <333

– I saw Teukie and Ming laughing at the center stage too, but I didn’t know it was because of a Red Thong and the other stuff thrown to them. xD (I was in Gen Ad) but it was funny seeing him ROFL literally. xD

– Like everyone else has mentioned, Siwon disappeared. :c He wasn’t there during Pajama Party, Sunny, and I think Wonder Boy and Carnival too? He didn’t get to wear his animal hat and only appeared with Henry and Mi when the concert was about to end. T_T I hope he’s doing well. D:

– Fans cheered Henry and Zhoumi’s names during their solos. ❤

– During Our Love, Kyuhyun’s voice sort of ‘cracked’ during his line in the bridge. He was laughing though. xD By the end of the song, Hyuk was singing, and seemed like he wasn’t singing the song properly. xD

– Four out of five SJT boys were doing sit ups while singing. It was during Rokkugo. xD Heechul was the only one who didn’t do sit ups. First was Leeteuk and Ming, then Hyukjae and Shindong joined them. Four of them did sit ups together when Heechul was singing. xD

– Heechul ‘almost’ kissed Henry during his rock solo. He was touching Henry’s face and their faces were really close until Heechul pulled out and continued singing. xD

– Fans screamed loudly whenever Kangin appeared on VCRs. It was clear that everyone misses him so much. A picture of Han Geng appeared on one of the VCRs, making fans scream louder. Idk about others but that part made me emotional.

– During Shindong’s introduction, he held onto a paper which seemed to have contained Tagalog phrases. He kept on repeating “ANO BA YAN?!” to the fans, it was so cute. XD One of my fave parts. Also when the boys say “Mabuhay!” Kyuhyun’s was so cute and adorable. xD

– Siwon’s abs were visible even from General Admission (the farthest seats). O_O

– I saw Donghae take a camera from SVIP area. He took a self cam then returned the camera to the fan. T_T I think I saw Kyuhyun do this too but I’m not too sure.

– Ryeowook, in Luna outfit, hugged Yesung from behind during a song. I think it’s either Pajama Party or Sunny.

Fanaccount 4:
– Wookie and Shindong went down in our area. The security people told us before the concert started that some members were going to pass our side and warned us not to get in their way because apparently, the Korean security team is ruthless. So When A Man in Love started, I was trying my best to stay composed when Wookie came down our side. I was able to lightly touch his arm before the Korean guy slammed into a few fans who went down to the aisle from their seats. Because of that, I was hit by some fan. Or maybe it was the Korean guy. I can’t really tell anymore. I was just in a daze because in reality, Ryeowook is so boyish. After this concert, I really see him differently. You know how some people find him “feminine,” well, he does have that vibe WHEN he chooses to act that way (eg. Chu or Gee). But if he’s walking around as himself, he really has this boyish look. After Ryeowook, Shindong came down and he looks slimmer than before. He danced really well in front us and had this serious look in his face. After seeing him up close, I can say that he’s also good-looking. I know that sometimes, his weight overshadows his looks but when he was front of us, I saw his cuteness!!

-During U, I couldn’t help but watch Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun. Eunhyuk was just perfect, of course. You can’t expect anything less from the dancing machine! But man! Comparing how he danced in the U music video, Kyuhyun has really improved! He was dancing so well. ♥

– Angela. The project that was planned didn’t work out. A lot of ELF didn’t know/ forgot to turn off their lightsticks. 😦

– Miracle: I was so excited for this song because they were finally going to go around. Donghae came over to our side and made eye contact with a lot of us. We had Donghae fansigns and he went up the stairs and held my sister’s (Bianca) hand along with our hands. *dies*

– Disco Drive: Siwon was in front of us doing the hand gestures. He went up the stairs and held our hands. I was waving around a picture of Kyuhyun’s head photoshopped in Siwon’s body. Siwon went up the stairs in front of my seat, pointed to the picture and then at himself, as if asking if that was his body. I just nodded and he asked for the picture. He brought it over to Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and the others. They had a bit of a laugh and Eunhyuk threw it on the floor and stepped on it. Haha!

– Dancing out: This is a blur to me because Eeteuk was on the stairs. My sisters and I didn’t want to claw/scratch/hit the members so whenever they would come, we’d just hold out our hands, hoping that they would take it. Eeteuk gave us this “hmmm, should I or should I not” look. Then he just took my hand in his. He has soft hands hahaha! While that was happening, I was busy staring at that adorable dimple of his. He was so handsome! Good god. His hair is nice! He was allowing a lot of fans to just touch him in his chest, arms and legs. Hahaha! Also, Shindong went back to our area and sat on the stairs. He didn’t mind that fans were touching his back and arms and hair. Hahaha! So I got to tap him on the shoulder. Then Kyuhyun arrived with a DSLR in his hand. I learned later on that it belonged to a fan. He took a picture of Shindong on the stairs with us. Then he took another one and focused more on the fans. So yeah, we were there smiling and posing beside Shindong. (To whoever owns that camera: please contact me! I want a copy of those pictures. Haha! Or if any of you see pictures of Shindong on the stairs with fans, please let me know.)

– Solos and KRY performances: I was quiet most of the time during this part of the concert because I just wanted to take in all their voices. I was leaning on the rail, listening to how they were singing their songs. I remember shouting when the dancer in Insomnia came in, also during Eeteuk’s song. Haha! Yesung and Kyuhyun’s solos were amazing. I felt like I was listening to a record, but even better. Henry danced really well and I was glad his dancers were properly clothed. Haha! ZhouMi sang his own song and oh my god. He has legs that go on forever. He’s also handsome and sang beautifully. I was a bit worried during Heartquake because of Eunhyuk’s cyworld message about him not feeling well. But he did really well and KRY was amazing live.

– Don’t Don: I made it a point to watch Sungmin during the chorus because I find that he does those steps best. Haha! He did not disappoint! Oh yeah, I felt kinda sad because Kyuhyun didn’t do his trademark hip thrust during Don’t Don. But I got over that quickly because so many other things were happening. Hahaha!

– Our Love: It seemed like Kyuhyun purposely cracked his voice during the high note because he had “that look” on his face. But I can’t really be too sure about it. I felt like crying while they were singing this song because it was just soooo… nice. 🙂 Yesung started doing some popping dance near the end and Shindong beatboxed while he danced.

-Puff the Magic Dragon: The members in costumes were amusing. Kyuhyun singing in English is love. I could understand his words.

– Star Dance Battle: I honestly didn’t know who to focus on during this performance. I decided to look at each of the members at least once and then watch it as a whole. Ahhh I love the VTR for that segment.

– Blue Tomorrow: Oh God, they sounded so good live! I was just starry eyed the whole time. A lot of ELFs were cheering for Henry and ZhouMi.

– Super Girl: We all stood up and were freaking out! During the “my love my love” part, I could see the audience doing the step along with the members.

– Shining Star: Heechul was in front of us and my sisters and I handed him Hawaiian lei. When he reached out for it, his hand brushed ours and he danced the hawaiian “pearly shells” dance. So cute!! Heechul is called Milky Skin Heechul for a reason. He was teary-eyed at some point in the song. We were just staring at him and he was staring back at us and the people in our section. *sigh*

– Sorry Sorry: It was so surreal hearing this live. I couldn’t control myself!! In the last part, I think Kyuhyun seemed like he was about to say Heechul’s “Ha-ha-ha” line but stopped just in time and smiled instead.

– Chu: They are SOO CUTE!!! We were jumping for joy because we saw that Heechul wore the Hawaiian lei we gave him again! Although I would’ve preferred Gee, they still performed this well! I think Shindong landed badly when he did the tumbling thing…

– Rokkugo: Heechul was a bit off when he started this song. I don’t know if it was done on purpose though. All the lightsticks were doing the Rokkugo step here. At this point, I’m becoming slightly desperate for Kyuhyun to at least pass by my area again. The whole time he was at the other side and I was kinda worried because my goal was to see him up close at least twice. This feeling of mine was magnified because my sister (Bianca) had already had so many Donghae (her bias) moments. Donghae even handed her a towel he wiped on himself. As in, he specifically gave it to her and didn’t throw it to the crowd. So yeah,I was panicking and I had to keep telling myself to stay positive.

– Pajama Party and Sunny: These songs went by and I can’t really remember a lot. I do know Kyuhyun was still on the other side!!! He came near a few times but never in front of us. I was really antsy during these songs. Sungmin came over and started spraying us with water. He was able to spot 3 Koreans behind us and concentrated on spraying them. Eunhyuk was in the section beside ours and someone in the audience had a water gun and tried hitting him. Eunhyuk motioned for the fan to stop and coughed right after. 😦

– Carnival and Wonder Boy: My sister (Tonichi) was also very restless because Eunhyuk was practically in the center most of the time. Fortunately, he came over and stood on the stairs. He wore a pair of glasses that said Happy Birthday. We were reaching out our hands again but he wasn’t taking them. Other fans had their hands all over him already so I touched his forearm and hand and then stared at his lovely face. Hahaha! After he left, I was feeling much much worse. Both my sisters were already really happy because their biases dropped by (Donghae came again and smiled at Bianca!!!) and Kyuhyun was still nowhere to be seen. 😦

– Marry U: Eeteuk said this was the last song and my tears started falling and my heart was literally hurting because I only saw Kyuhyun once.I was able to interact with so many other members but not Kyuhyun. I really felt sad that it was the last song and I only had that chance left. Please understand that he’s the member I was drawn to ever since I started becoming a fan of Super Junior. Its not even about his looks anymore. Its the voice, the personality… just the whole package. So back to the concert. Kyuhyun walked over to the section beside mine but was so intent on looking at the people there. He was making eye contact and was beaming at them. He even picked up a pack of Philippine Dried Mangoes, opened it and ate it. He had to sing with a bit of food in his mouth. Shindong went in front of us and I was holding my Kyuhyun fansign, looking gloomy. Shindong did the puppy dog face and pointed at Kyuhyun. I just nodded. I thought he was going to go straight to Kyuhyun to tell him to come so for a second there, I was really hopeful…Then Shindong turned to the standing area to interact with them. OH NO! I looked at Kyuhyun and he was still busy smiling at his area and looking adorable. I noticed that he had 2 bandaids on his right elbow. I wonder what happened. I was madly waving my fansign and still looking sad. He turned to his side and saw my fansign and started walking towards our area. He read it and I turned over the sign to the other side which was also something for him. He smiled at me and put his hands on his waist with the “What do I do with you?” face. (edit; I just saw the video and Shindong I love you! He told Kyuhyun to go and shake my hand. I probably missed out on this vital detail because I was staring at Kyuhyun. Hahaha! ) He then took my hand. This alone would’ve totally made my day/week/month. But Kyuhyun suddenly did the unexpected. He bent down and kissed my hand. *stops breathing* I swooned and collapsed on my chair. Kyuhyun smiled at me and Shindong kicked him because of what he did. What kind of modern guy does that?? My friends certainly don’t. I read about those things in books and see them in Korean dramas and sappy romantic movies but Kyuhyun, a real-life guy, (my dream boy teehee), actually did that. Up to now, I can’t believe it happened. That gesture more than makes up for his not being in our section the whole concert. I can still remember his face walking towards me and taking a step up the stairs. Kyuhyun is so handsome in person. I know everyone says Siwon is such a prince but really he’s a Greek god and Kyuhyun truly deserves the Prince Kyu title. He is so charming in real life and when he smiles, it is so genuine and his entire face just lights up. Ahhh, if I could go back to high school and go to prom all over again, Kyuhyun would’ve been my ideal prom date.

Goodbye: In the goodbyes, Tonichi was crying like mad and I was trying to console her but I was also trying to console myself because I felt like the 3 hours just flew by. I definitely had mixed feelings.
– Eunhyuk was wearing a straw hat. He was rapping!
– Yesung also sang a bit during the good bye part.
– Siwon said stuff in English but I can’t remember everything he said because my mind couldn’t process it.
– When they passed our section, Henry held my hand.
– Kyuhyun was bowing for such a long time. Some were already moving around the stage, and a few already left but he was still there, with his body bent 90 degrees, bowing to the fans. ♥

Random stuff
– At one point, Heechul sucked his finger and the screams in my area were deafening.
– During one song, Kyuhyun and Siwon were in front of each other and were doing sexy looks. AHHHH.
– We had a fansign and Heechul and Siwon both looked at it in disbelief.
– I can’t remember the song but Dongahe and Kyuhyun were doing some “hip hop” dance in the center.
– Shindong was funny during intro. He counted in Filipino and said “Ano ba yan!” And something that sounded like “Pasensya na po” or something to that effect.He even had a cheat sheet!
– We made a fansign for Shindong that said “We are Shin’s Friends.” He took it from us for a while and waved it.
– Kyuhyun sat down on the ledge of the standing area and lots of fans were just touching his legs and he was smiling adorably.
– Leeteuk did sit ups and I unconsciously shouted NOOO because I was worried about his waist.
– Siwon was missing after Shining Star. He passed by our side and we waved our Siwon fansign and he looked like he wasn’t well. His eyebrows were all scrunched up.
– The Korean fans behind us were taking videos using professional cameras and our aisle was filled with security people so I couldn’t take proper fancams and pictures. 
– The security guy beside me kept bugging me by asking me continuously if Sorry Sorry was up next. I had to keep shushing him. Hahaha!
– I met Alice! (My sisters and I said hi to you after the concert and you were sitting outside the arena. 😀 )

Shindong looks better in person. I feel like he’s been pegged as the funny and chubby guy but when he moves, ahhhh! Wookie who tends to look “feminine” on TV, is so boyish in real life. Siwon is like a living Renaissance statue. Yesung gives off this mysterious feel which makes him more handsome! Sungmin has such nice skin and looks like he’s in between cute and manly. Eunhyuk looks best while dancing; his stage presence and charisma can kill. Donghae is good looking and has this flirty thing going on. He keeps giving fans sultry looks that you can’t help but squeal whenever he passes. Eeteuk is really handsome too and that dimple of his will be the death of me. And Kyuhyun, well I could go on and on about him because he is my bias but I think that pictures and videos do not do him justice. I guess they are all better in motion and in real life, which is great! It would’ve been odd if I came home after the concert thinking they don’t look so great in person.

These are some videos of the moments mentioned in my fanaccount.

Dancing Out (Kyuhyun taking a picture of fans with Shindong!)
Shining star Heechul Focus (He gets our Hawaiian leis and dances)
Miracle (Siwon spotting my Kyuhyun picture with his body. Hahaha!)
Disco Drive (Siwon spotting Tonichi’s picture of Eunhyuk with Siwon’s body)

Credit to: high5iver at YT.


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2 Responses to “[FANACCOUNTS] 100410 Super Junior SSII in Manila”

  1. kyusneezes Says:

    ok…coz of the long entry, I just read your 1st fan account..LOL

    were the same! i’m a kyu fanatic too..but he’s always on the front stage left…and I’m at standing right..and that really makes me sad..his solo..I wasn’t even lsitening to it..I was just watching the LCD..and I wanted to cry coz’ all I can see is his back..I don’t want to see him through LCD! that was just soooo disappointing…and almost all his perforance when the members were dispersed…his always at the front stage! during shining star, leetuek was in front of me, but I’m zooming my cam just to take a pic of kyu…huhuhuh… =(

    I wished there will be SS3…. i’ll definitely get a ticket where kyu will have his solo perf…

    • sapphireblueelf Says:

      aw….thats depressing…but then again, you got to see TEUKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      btw. i didn’t write those fanaccounts (though I wish was able to) – they’re credited to their own authors….sigh…….wish i could go see ssii……

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