[FANACCOUNTS] SJ on the plane to and arriving at NAIA Airport


In the Plane

11:44: Super Junior arrived @ NAIA Airport

* In the plane, only Donghae wasn’t asleep. He on his music until VERY LOUD and looked very hyper. In good mood.

* Donghae was watching 2PM videos in the plane

12:03 Super Junior went into a room. Heard from others that there are two doors. Not sure which passage will they take.

12:28 SJ exit from one of the passage.

– they are now heading to Edsa Shangrila Hotel in 3 vans –

– All the boys were there except Siwon, Siwon will be there tomorrow. –

– Tonight’s KTR and Youngstreet is pre-recorded –

– For those concerned with Kyu and Teuk, they looked fine and cheerful –

Credit: Lee Donghae’s baidu + ELFish
Thanks to @EternalHua on twitter for telling me
English translation: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com / sally2808 @ twitter (SAME PERSON!)
Take out with full credits and do not add your own

In NAIA airport

(+short airport fanaccount)

by hyukxenhae@sapphirepearls.com

okay, so, yeah. . . lol i don’t make sense now XD
it’s prolly because of hangovers, yes, hangovers..
i saw the boys and got drunk out of handsomeness..
it’s truly different when you see them on screen and seeing them personally..
i was fortunate enough to be at the VIP Arrival Area so i was able to see them upclose >-<
Heechul was the first one who came out, there was this moment when i thought i was gonna faint, srsly!!
cause my vision suddenly became dark and it came back quickly (thankfully!)..
Heechul was wearing black pants and a hoodie jacket plus shades, his hand was inside his pocket while his other hand was clutching his backpack, and hell kill me now but i had the urge to jump on him and kidnap him lol!!
no one would be able to resist the handsomeness! go make your imaginations work with that image and tell me what you will do lol
next to him was Shindong who was wearing green jacket, then Sungmin, i had a little laugh when Sungmin was struggling to go inside the van, overtaking shindong, then Kyuhyun, who seems in a good mood waving at the fans, i loved him when he looked at me even for a millisecond XD
next was Ryeowook, who stopped in front of the van looking like he’s lost!! lol really he was like trying to think where he is XDDD
then Zhou Mi, he doesn’t seem like he’s in a good mood cause he kept his head down..
as soon as they rode the first van, i ran to the second van and caught glimpse of Donghae and a random bonnet which i confirmed to be Hyukjae’s.. i also saw Yesung and Henry, Mochi is really cute~!!!!
i wasn’t able to see Leeteuk and Siwon T___T everything happened like a flash of lightning lol

and to those who are asking, yes, Heechul, Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi were sooooooo tall that they’re even taller than the stout guards kekeke~

when my eyes landed on Hae(basically because Hyukjae was already inside the van), the tears just flowed like it’s been longing to flow for years.. 😥
they’re finally here.. on the same ground as where i’m standing..
breathing the same air as mine.. (oxygen, yes XD)



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