100410 Donghae’s Tweet


지금 콘서트 끝나고 들어왔어요~ㅠㅜ좀 슬퍼요ㅠㅜSuper Show2가 벌써 끝나다니 ㅠㅜ 하지만 우리에겐 Super Show3가 있을꺼니깐^^!! ELF여러분 너무 감사드리구요!!사랑합니다!!! SUPER JUNIOR+ELF= ONE 1

I just came in after the concert~ㅠㅜA little sadㅠㅜSuper Show 2 is already over ㅠㅜ But there will be Super Show 3 for us^^!!Thank you so much ELF!! I love you!! SUPER JUNIOR+ELF= ONE 1

Credit: Donghae’s twitter.
Translation: …영원히♡ @ Sj-World.

Take out with full credit!


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