[NEWS] Viewership for Oh My Lady increases; Siwon is anticipated new Idol Actor


After experiencing a slide in television ratings in the previous week, the television drama 《Oh! My Lady》 which many Super Junior fans have been closely following, has picked itself up, and made a strong comeback this week. According to the results complied by Korea’s Nielsen Media Research AGB , we can see that the broadcast of 《oh my lady》episode 5 has received a nationwide rating of 11.6, and 12.4 in Seoul. Such results are not only especially good, but as compared to last week’s gloomy ratings, 《oh! my lady》 would have been considered to have put up a good fight in an attempt to revive itself. And MBC News which airs at the same time only received 10.5 in viewership ratings.

Another piece of news worth celebrating about is that with the help of 《oh my lady》Siwon was also chosen to be HIGH CUT’s most anticipated ‘Idol Actor’. He clinches in the number one spot with 32.4% of votes! According to the introduction, what that is worth most attention in 《oh my lady》 would be none other than Choi Siwon’s acting skills, it is also one of the crucial factors that may result in the success or failure of the show.

The drama’s episode six would also meet everyone tonight. According to the preview, KaeHwa explains the situation to MinWoo, admitting that she was the one who made the choice for the test, as she feels that if she had not done it, such things would not have happened. Even if everything had happened, she should have tried to hide it from manager Jung although she didn’t manage to, and hence apologises to Minwoo. At the same time, manager Jung who has the results in his hands, grins arrogantly. YeEun ends up crying terribly without MinWoo around. MinWoo requests manager Jung to for the results, but manager Jung not only rejects his request, and even adds salt to his wounds. A disappointed MinWoo then returns home only to find that YeEun has doodled over his drawings, leaving a bitter feeling in his heart……

Source: HERE
Translated by: bulletproof @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Edited by: fragment @ SJ-WORLD.NET
May take out with full and proper credits. Do not add in your own credits.

Good to see that siwonie’s drama is doing well!!!


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