[PICS] 100411 Donghae Cyworld 2 Photo Entries


Title: – Last Super Show 2 –
2010.04.11 03:28

Hello I am Super Juni~~or!!!

I am Donghae!!

Finally Super Show 2 which has been received a lot of love from everyone has ended ~~~~well!!!^^

We have visited all Asia through 15 concerts and give out (our) greetings!!^^

Wherever we went, from airport to the concert venue, it would be filled full with many blue angels

Either inside of the car or inside the hotel, we were touched and us members we were really happy!!

Then, really until when we are able to receive this kind of love and in order to return the love that we’ve received so far, we will work harder, bring (you) the good songs and we want to surprise everyone with the change (that we’ve made)!!^^

It has passed the number of days that we have been together for 6 years!

There were also a lot of changes and because of everyone’s love that has been growing, we cried a lot and gritted our teeth, we had a thought that we should work harder and there were many chances for us to look back at ourselves

Because all of you were there we were able to laugh and even when we fell down we could still stand up again

Super Show 2 has ended , us members were like “Oo~~Wa Time flies quickly”

Hurry I want Super show 3 (to come) quickly !! I said that we want to meet ELF and going around Asia again with great image!!

ELF who make Super Junior can breathe and live in this world, dongsaeng, noona, hyungnim, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, I love you ! ^^

My wish is that we can forever grow old together^^!!

ELF I love you! I love you! I love you!

4jib will be a big success!!^^GO!!GO!!

– We are Super Juni ~ ~ or –
2010.04.11 03:44

We are Super Juni ~~~~~or!!^^

Really really thank you to many staffs!!^^

For months as we have been travel around together, (you guys) have sweat a lot to make us to be the best !!^^

It (us to be the best) is the work that us only cant conceive or even try to do!!^^

From the place that out of view, because there were you guys who honored us like a jewel that we were able to shine more !!

100 people of staffs who have given lots of love and attention for us during Super Show 2 the best the best the best!!!! You guys are!!^^

Like our leader Teukie hyung saying It’s not END but AND, let’s start again!!^^

We are still hungry and can’t rest!! Please help us a lot!!^^

We will run further!!^^

Please help me reach high up into the sky!!^^

Also in every places that we went, we were able to give shiner performances because there were God’s blessings, God thank you!^^

God who is always above of our heads and bless us please help us until we can win a victory^^!!

Members, all staffs, fans, Super Show 2 has ended well without anyone got hurt!!!

Unchangingly in the future we will greet you with~~~~~a new image !!^^

Our staffs as well!! We are Super Juni~~or!! The wrap~up pose

Hi hi hi hi hi

source : 이동해 미니홈피
translated by superlover♫@sj-world.net
may take put with full credits and dont add in your own credits


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