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Korean pop group Super Junior will be will holding its first Super Show 2 full concert at the Araneta Coliseum at 7PM tonight. All members, fans who go crazy for Suju, this will be the first time for a K-pop group to hold a large-scale concert at one of the largest entertainment arena in Philippines.

During a Press Conference held in Edsa Shangri-la in Ortigas earlier, Super Junior members expressed their excitation for the concert.

“We have already heard from people that we will be holding our concert in a very huge stadium, therefore we are very excited,” said the leader Leeteuk, “the entire performance will be filled with striking surprises.”
“There will be a very special performance where we will be dressed up as girls,” he revealed, after some explanation, they will be impersonating their junior from SM Entertainment, f(x). “Therefore, please keep a close attention to these surprises.”

Super Junior’s Super Show 2 visited a total of 8 cities, which includes Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, Bangkok, Philippines and etc. Philippines is also the last stop for their Asia tour. Super Junior leaped to fame because of the song “Sorry Sorry” in this country(Philippines), they are currently the first K-pop idol group to have a popular song in the country.

“We are very elated to be in Philippines,” Leeteuk continued. “We have always wanted to come here”

Member Sungmin said, “We have always wanted to come to Philippines because there were always fans from Philippines who came to Korea to view our radio programmes and musicals as a way to show their support. We want to come here because there are a lot of ELFs here in Philippines.”

Leeteuk then sang a very short song for the Filipino fans, saying it reminds him of Philippines. “You won’t get to see it on the television therefore it will be very special for you.”

When the media said that the 23-year-old had the most fans here in Philippines, Donghae said “I was shocked to know that I’m the most popular member in Philippines.”

He then continued saying, he was very happy to know that, his popularity implies that as a group, Super Junior has gained more attention. He hopes that he would be able to act in a soap opera, one that could receive lots of love from the media.

From the beginning with 13 members a group, Super Junior at the Araneta Coliseum will only have 10 members at the Super Show 2 concert. One of the members, Hangeng, is in a lawsuit with SM Entertainment for the termination of his contract, while Kangin is on a break to handle some legal problems. Due to prior agreements, Kibum was absent because of his individual activities.

“Thank you everyone for all the supports and the warm welcome,” thanked Donghae. “This will be our first time, but we hope to enjoy every single moment during the concert.”

Leeteuk said, “This is our first time visiting Philippines, but we’re grateful for all your love and care. We are very happy that we’re holding our last stop in Philippines. Therefore, please continue to support and love the music that we’ll be releasing soon. We will work hard to show you the best of Super Junior.”

Super Junior’s 4th studio album is still in the process of making. Super Junior has also expressed thoughts of coming back to the Philippines for Super Show 3.

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Original article: Philippine Entertainment Press
Chinese translation: 13のlove @ 13only.cn
English translation: Marchocho @ TwELFs.com

“Super Junior Press Conference”

Super Show 2 Philippines was a blast for every ELF who attended it. The concert was great and i know everybody who came felt the same way that i felt. But before the concert a press conference was held first at Edsa Shangri La Hotel at 2:30pm. There were a lot of media who came and the conference room was filled with agitated people to see Super Junior. As an author of Dailykpopnews we were given the chance to be part of the press conference and i am here to share with you all what happened during the event.An introduction about Super Junior was first heard then the cameras were already flashing everywhere and the people were already clapping as we fans who needs to act professionally need to keep our screams to ourselves as the boys entered the room with all smiles seen on their faces. The boys introduce theirselves with their signature introduction~ “Annyeonghaseyo, We are Super Juni-or!” that somehow made the clap more louder.They first had their picture taken with the sponsors and the organizers/producers before the question and answer portion. If only i am given the chance i really really want to ask them about Kibum and Kangin but no, I’m not a media person, i don’t have my license yet(LOL).Note: This are just the things a remember. Thank you for your understanding!I listened through out the press con and some of their answers really stick into my mind. Most of the time it was Lee Teuk who answered the questions but he also pass the mic to his members so they can answer too. Sweet leader!There was this question when Dong hae was ask, sorry but i forgot what is it, but his answer was he wants to make a Philippine drama someday. His answer awed a lot of media people but what more about us fans right? I was shocked and i almost screamed on his answer (because i’m a Donghae bias!) and the whole time that was running in my mind was, “Please make it come true! do it! do it!”. Hoping someday he can make one.A media man ask, “Do you still feel stage fright?”, Lee Teuk gave the mic to Siwon and he answered it in English “We all pray to God (before we do the show)”. Such a religious man! Suddenly i notice Hyukjae coughing, we all know that he is not feeling well right? But he still attended the last stop of Super Show.Heenim was also ask about his comeback of becoming a radio DJ. And while he was answering he was laughing. To be honest i thought he was sleeping, because all of his hair (exaggerating) was covering his eyes already. But seriously while he was talking his laugh and smile were so cute.One funny question was about the Teukigayo, of course it points to Lee teuk, Eunhyuk and also Shindong and Teukie said he prepared something for the Philippines, and then he made this funny chant that made everybody laugh.Again a question was ask about Sungmin and Yesung being part of an epic drama and Sungmin showed his highkick to every one! He was so cool!To wrap up the whole conference Super Junior was ask what will the fans expect during the concert, and Lee Teuk said that (summarizing what he said) ELF will surely have fun as they will show their singing and dancing skills and there will be this part that they will dress like girls (the Chu~ part).The conference was a success all in all! It felt like they are not idols, the feeling that you think you are so close to them.Since this is my post i would like to grab the opportunity to thank Kacey, admin of Dailykpopnews, for helping us to make it through the press conference and most especially to Ms. Happee Sy for giving us the chance to participate on the said event and also for giving us the press con passes.Article by:sukira@dkpopnews.netSource : Dailykpopnews

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