[NEWS] Siwon VS. Lee Hyunwoo; business style becomes a talking point


Transforming from an idol to a pretty male actor, Super Junior member Choi Siwon, and Lee Hyunwoo who seems to have unknowingly entered into the pretty middle age, have launched into an exciting battle of the popular styles of the different ages. In the SBS TV drama <Oh! My Lady>, Choi Siwon acts as a popular star, showing off the aura of a matured man.

In the TV drama <Oh! My Lady>, Choi Siwon acts as a popular idol star whose personality is firm & decisive, although this was his first time taking on the lead role, he has already earned praise, especially his vivid portrayal of a popular star which he has performed perfectly, his gorgeous, matured image has even led guys into having the train of thought of <Wanting to be Choi Siwon>.

In the TV drama <Oh! My Lady> his trademark image is of secondary colored shirts. Inside a black jacket he’ll pair it with a sky blue, pink etc secondary colored shirts, & this image gives the feeling of being romantic & cool. Also, pairing a V-neck T-shirt with a jacket inside, adding to that denim jeans that give off a youthful vibe – this all points towards a image that fits the age, & that of unrestrained freedom.kay i know that this translation was a little awkward, but the basic idea is that they’re comparing shiwon to lee hyunwoo, cos they’re like, different generations. then they go on to describe how shiwon’s character in <oh! my lady> gives off the feeling of being youthful, & cool yet matured. & yeah. sorry about the awkward translation. the chinese was awkward in the first place.

original; Mr.金
translation credits; fragment @ sj-world.net
found & requested by; yeyebaby @ sj-world.net
may take out with proper credits, BUT NO ADDING YOURSELF IN THE CREDITS!


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