[ANNOUNCEMENT] Semi-hiatus – less posting – but no closing down!


Hi everyone!

Um…..Lately it doesn’t seem like people are visiting often~~~and also school seems to be getting real busy….so I might have to close down this blog soon….

I’ve rethought about this, and I’ve decided to keep posting because I don’t want to stop updating people who rely on this blog on SJ news and spreading love for SJ~~

So…I’m going to (probably) post less starting Tues (when school starts)…it will depend on the work load though – I will try my very best to keep up on both blogging and schoolwork~~~but please bear with me until mid-June! (when exams finish…)

Please fill in this poll (if you have time~) to give me an idea of how often you visit here….Thank you!!!

Also this poll (sorry…) to tell me what you are interested in getting from this blog and what you like about it~~


2 Responses to “[ANNOUNCEMENT] Semi-hiatus – less posting – but no closing down!”

  1. BlueDookies Says:

    I have so much to ask you, there’s no way to talk to you in private? please, please, please, pleeeeeease……éè

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