[FANACCOUNTS] 100410 Hangeng @ ShenZhen Airport


On April 10’10, there were a lot of gengfans who greeted our dear Hangeng at the Shenzen Airport.. there are fancams with the almost the whole airport screaming “Han Geng”!! There were a LOT. 🙂

This girl was so moved by some details happened during picking up process. She saw a gengfan attempted to pass on a gift package to Han Geng, but the bodyguard stopped her, there was a little physical contact, Han Geng told the bodyguard, “do not push her.” (finally, the gift was given to the staff sent by event organizer, so it will be in Han Geng’s hand later^^). When Han Geng and Sun Le got into the car and drove out of the Shenzhen Airport, this girl and her friends chased the car. When the car was about to get into highway entrance, it suddenly stopped. The girl ran to the car and screamed Han Geng’s name, then she found out that was Han Geng asking the driver to stop and appease their excitement, since it would be too dangerous if they followed into highway. After the car restarted, this girl started to cry.

In conclusion, she said, “I am not a Geng fan, but I love him. I used to think Geng fans are too crazy, and sometimes I didn’t understand why. I didn’t understand how come Han Geng’s charms can drag in so many people’s hearts. Now, I finally understand, how much he loves his fans.”

Credit: bristlegass@forhangeng.wordpress.com
Take out with full and proper credits.

warm-hearted post written by HG’s bodyguard  on Han Geng Baidu 贴吧:
大家好,我是韩庚身后的一名保镖。给不少明星的做 过保镖,但从没有一个明星的粉丝像你们这样热情有秩序,也从没有见过一个明星对粉丝这么关心,这次 算是领略到了。以前我们与粉丝发生冲突的有,明星与粉丝发生冲突的也有,但这次真的让我很感动。从北京到深圳,很多粉丝自觉地拉着手围成一条通道,真是省 了我们很多麻烦,韩庚一路也面带微笑,告诉我们尽量不要去碰你们,说你们等了他很久。放心吧,我们一定会保护好你们的偶像,同时也祝韩庚星途灿烂。

To summarize, the bodyguard wrote that he was touched by the love between HG and his fans and that they (bodyguards) would definitely protect HG and wished him prosperity.

The translation is as follows:

Hello everyone, I am one of Han Geng’s bodyguard. Have been bodyguard for many celebrities, but never met a celebrity’s fans like you guys, so zealous and so disciplined, never saw a celebrity so caring for his fans, I finally had a taste of that. Sometimes, we got into conflicts with fans before,and there were celebrities having conflicts with fans too, but this time I am so moved. From Beijing to Shenzhen, many fans gave pathway to us by holding hands together, really helpful, Han Geng was also smiling all the way, telling us try our best not to touch you guys, since you guys have waited for him for a long time. Set your heart at rest, we will definitely protect your idol well, wish him prosperous future.
I think he is the bodyguard, watch this video, one bodyguard even waved to fans~

the video

Credit: bristlegass@forhangeng.wordpress.com
Take out with full and proper credits.

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