[NEWS] 100417 Hangeng’s public appearance attracted female fans w/his mature look


Hangeng’s public appearance attracted the female fans with his mature look
Super Junior’s former member, Hangeng, who was enrolled in his contract termination situation, had appeared in Guangzhou’s Juvenile Palace on April 17th. He participated in the Guangzhou’s Asian Games Volunteer Hall of Fame event where he received directly from the Minister of the event his “contract” and “certificate of registration” for this event. Since Hangeng had been involved in a contract termination situation, he had been kinda reclusive with the public. He had just been participating in a few activities. This time, he showed up in Guangzhou, causing many of his fans to “chase” after him. Fans had also given cakes and many different souvenirs to Hangeng, bringing a very warm atmosphere in the Palace.

Credits to: Ent.qq
Source posted by: yeyebaby @ sj-wolrd.net
Translated by: snowyelf @ sj-world.net
May be taken out with full credits

Note: Pictures aren’t posted since it is said on the credited news site that it is prohibited to hotlink or to re-upload those pictures.


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