100419 Sungmin’s Tweets


@bborro0306 Does it work if I write like this?ㅋㅋㅋIt’s amazing~Sungmin’s triumphal entry~ about 4 hours ago via 파랑새

@bborro0306 I’ll go finish taking pictures for the jacket*^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋ about 3 hours ago via 파랑새

Hong Gildong in my heart**! about 3 hours ago via 파랑새

* The booklet in the album.
** 마음/맘 can mean both heart and mind.

Original Source. 이성민트위터 @myblacksmile
Translated by. Gaia at sj-world.net

Tweets @ Sungmin from 이종한 (Lee Jonghan), Musical Actor

@myblacksmile Upload a profile picture and keep on tweeting@myblacksmile Posting pictures and videos


they all work


if you research it’s a whole new world coming to you@myblacksmile Okayokay





fightingRT @myblacksmile: Okay fightingRT @myblacksmile: Hey no kidding


seriously a Hallyu Star


immediately rising to 3000 people


@myblacksmile Go follow Moon Jongwon




His twitter followers at that time; reached 3000 in roughly 30 minutes.

Original Source. 이종한트위터 @bborro0306Translated by. Gaia at sj-world.net

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