[NEWS/GOSSIP]Soshi only got 3 sections? We are more popular… Why do we have so much less seats compared to super junior?”


On the top picture, ELF notice of their sections to take from G to P (the red lines are something else lol)
On the bottom picture, Sones’ notice to take Super Junior fan seats.

The 22 of this month the seat arrangement opened for dream concert and the competition is hot between the prides of the supporting fans.
Dream concert is the occasion in korea for all the top singers to be mobilised for the fans. On the 22th at 7pm the ticketing started and in one hour it was sold out.

But the problem is the fan seats plan. On the concert organisers side, they didn’t prepare a seat chart for star singers fanclubs.But there is a tacit seat plan. The show organisers had given sections to the star agencies (SM, YG, JYP etc.) and those were deciding for their singers. The company informed through a notice on their website the secured sections that belonged to them.

Sm entertainment’s singers Girls generation (Soshi)’s fans received the notice on soshi homepage that they would be on 3 sections: A to C. Super Junior who are under the same company had a notice on their official homepage saying that they were getting 3 times more seats than Soshi.

Even though suju official site only suggested that it was” better to reserve seats in those area” it meant that the seats were reserved to Super Junior.

When the ticket reservation ended the fights started between the fans on online fansites. On soshi fansites, fans thought it was unfair: “what the hell, I don’t get how they are doing the seat arrangment” and “they should do it again based on the size of the fanclub”. There was an union of 4 soshi fansites that made a new notice: “if the tickets for soshi are sold out, let’s take suju seats”

In this context, Super junior fans argued: “We also don’t have many seats” and “we’re supposed to get the tickets to the assigned seats. keep the order”

Besites, the dream concert site states that Lee Hyori and Bi fans only got one section and Wondergirls 2 sections so fans complains are raising.

Translated by Alice (『SexyDino☆彡』) @ sj-world.net
Do NOT take out without permission (PM me)

After this, E.L.F. went very mad, because basically Sone are looking down on them as if there was not many ELF at all. Yesterday, Sone fansite masters decided to remove those notice and ask fellow sones to give up the tickets they got in the suju sections and to buy in soshi sections then in the “Free” section (there is sections for all the other groups that do not have special ones.)
But it seems that Sones are not following the new directives and are keeping their tickets in ELF Sections. ELF are getting quite mad as you can see on sj-market spashpage where they ask fans to concentrate on reserving seats in the L, M, N, P section to prove Sone wrong.
A lot of ELF that did not plan to go are now buying their tickets.

Let’s hope there won’t be any disturbance during the concert between Sones and E.L.F…. :/


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