[PICS/INT] Kibum’s Interview w/Sincere Magazine April Issue


Kim Kibum and the Dream Career as an Actor

Kibum “Actually, I’m not good at singing or dancing. But when I get to work with friends, everyone will support me and that makes everything comes out smoothly.”

In ‘Jumunjin’, Kibum is cast as a spirit; a role about a man who has become a spirit after the separation from his loved one, which is totally different from ‘Flower Boys’; starring Super Junior.

Kibum “I’m very pressured and stressful to be cast as a leading role in Jumunjin. The scripts are quite complicated and hard to appreciate. Because this is such a normal role, to express normal feelings to the audience is even harder than playing a complex role. [despite all that] I want to try once. To be a good actor, you must try to act in a harder role, follow the experienced one [note: he means, to learn from experienced actors], and listen to the senior’s suggestions. I believe a very good and successful actor must have had a beginning like me.”

For Kibum, he didn’t debut as a singer for Super Junior boy band but he began his journey on the entertainment path with a role in a TV series; ‘April Kiss’, at the age of 16. At that time, acting is just for the earnings, not because of the love in doing so.

Kibum “When I was in America, my parents’ relationship affected my study. Therefore, I began to have a thought of coming back to Korea to work as an actor and earn myself a living. At that time, I didn’t have any other thoughts. When someone offered me a job, I would only ask ‘Does the earnings good?’ and now I’m standing here [note: he means, those makes he reaches his present point].”

An interview about the film, Jumunjin.

The role
Kibum “I’m cast as a spirit; a man who changed himself into a spirit. In fact, this role has very few ‘speaking’ cues. Much to be expressed is emotions. I had to scream and howl a lot! (laugh). During the filming, the scripts were changed in 27 parts. I had to adjust myself to the change. Very challenging.”

The long hair we saw in the film, is that your real hair?
Kibum “Yes, it’s my real hair. When I had to grow my hair long, I came to understand women more (laugh). The washing and the blow-drying are so troubling. Especially when having meals, the hair would drop into my mouth (laugh). From now on, when I see women with long hair, I will have a more considerate thought towards them [note: a more considerate thought about how hard those women have to take care of their hair].”

How do you feel working with Hwang Bo-ra?
Kibum “We met for the first time in ‘Rainbow Romance’. I could feel the friendly and intimate atmospheres. At that time, she gave me a book with a message inside saying ‘Hope we have a chance to work together again’. We are now working together again. We both feel ‘eh? … we’ve already gotten this old?’”

The kissing scene with Hwang Bo-ra
Kibum “It is common for a romantic movie to have a kiss scene (smile). That scene Bo-ra slowly lied down. I and Bo-ra slowly moved closer towards each other, then sealed a kiss. If you want to see this scene, please look forward to ‘Jumunjin’.”

When Kim Kibum is in love [note: the interviewer refers to Kibum’s role in Jumunjin, not himself.]
Kibum “Even as a spirit, but a spirit with heart [can also means feeling]. In some scenes, they show that I (in the movie) am sensitive [can also means have a delicate side] like normal people. So, don’t look down on ghosts. They know how to love (laugh).”

The most favourite and impressed scene
Kibum “The scene in which the spirit disguised himself in the water. I normally like playing in the water. Never thought I would (have a chance to) soak myself during the filming. I was really excited (laugh). It is the scene that I really like and I’m very impressed.”

The most difficult thing
Kibum “The clothes. I only have two garments to wear for the whole movie. During the filming, the weather was very cold. A spirit like me had to wear light (thin) garments. It’s easy to catch a cold, so I had to take the medicine very often. But mine was still better than Bo-ra. There’s a scene which she had to run. She fell and hurt herself. The cold weather makes it more difficult for the wound to cure. I was lucky I didn’t get hurt; otherwise, it would be really bad to be both cold and hurt.”

The feeling of getting the leading role for the first time
Kibum “Of course, you must be really happy and excited for (getting the leading role for) the first time. Even though the responsibilities are much more than when I get the supporting role, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I put so much into this and I hope the response will be good and not less than I’ve expected. This is up to fans on how much they will support the film (smile)”

After ‘Jumunjin’, what have you been doing?
Kibum “After the end of Jumunjin filming, I’m cast for my first play; ‘A (Middle) Nap’ by the director Heo Jinho. The story is about the love and life of a middle aged man and woman. I’m cast as ‘Han Young Jin’; the leading role during the adolescent period. I’m quite stressful with this work because, in a play, you have to act live but I’ll do my best.”

How do you plan your acting career to be?
Kibum “I want to continuously cultivate experiences in acting. Nowadays, my acting skills are still not quite good. My acting is still being charged with ‘Cut’ very ofen [note: the saying of ‘cut’ from the director when you don’t act perfectly.]. I’m stressful with the job. These show that I’m still not professional enough. I’ll continue to work in this path until I’m good at this and being accepted by fans.”

Source: SINCERE Magazine Thailand vol. 7 no. 78 April 2010 Issue
Translated by Blue19 at SJ-World.net

Credits: Mukky @ 13MKH (http://www.13monkeyshouse.com/)
Shared by Blue★Princez at SJ-World.net HERE
Reuploaded by Blue19 at SJ-World.net
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