[PICS/NEWS] Oh! My Lady in Cool Magazine April Issue


For those who don’t really get the meaning of the article, it’s just basically the author writing in Sung Minwoo and Yoon Gaehwa’s point of views. 😉

Creating Romance

(small box on 2nd page)

“His acting skills are lousy, Sung Minwoo is a lousy actor, a lousy actor!” If it wasn’t for the sake of keeping the job that is difficult to come by, and to make it easy to live with her daughter, Gaehwa wouldn’t have the energy to withstand this foul kid with no manners. “Her? How can it be? If you want to spread rumours, you’ll have to see whether she’s on the same level as I am.” If it wasn’t because there was no one to look after the kid, Sung Minwoo wouldn’t even allow this troublesome person to swing in front of him. Having said that, this year’s top earner is the Star, and the Star depends on his appearance; the enemies that are temporarily living under one roof are merely picking their own needs, it’s good enough that they’re not fighting, but you want them to “love each other”? Who said it’s impossible, since they have to maintain peace (with each other) on the surface, why not add some spice to life? Romance? It’s even easier, since you can see it everywhere in their lives, and you are welcomed to take a look within..

T/N: -Below are the translations for the words on the 3rd image-

Top Star? It’s just luck!

Please tell me why, nowadays wherever you walk to you’ll see Sung Minwoo? What’s so special about him? From grade school students to women with their own family, regardless whether they know anything, as long as they’re of the female species, they’ll like him to the extent that they can’t sit down quietly to have their meal. Everyone, please open your eyes widely and take a good look? Even my daughter can see that Sung Minwoo is just a “lousy actor”, what possibly made him famous until now?

I’m a single mother, and after living this long, I’m still afraid of being anti-ed? How can that be? I’m Yoon Gaehwa, and from the meaning of my name, it contains the hopes that my parents have invested in me – my life would be as brilliant as the flower, and would live a frank life. Although I’m divorced, but as long as I’m able to live with my daughter, I’m already glad enough. Anyway, after waiting overnight, I’ve finally obtained half the amount of money that I’ve earned through working, and the piano that my daughter has been looking forward to can finally be bought. What? Shouldn’t 5 pieces supposed to be 500 thousand? Why did it become fifty thousand? When one 0 goes missing, not only I couldn’t buy the piano, but the room rental for the past three months also comes to naught. In the past five years, I’ve been a housewife at home, and I’ve already known from the start that I can’t give Minji a wealthy life, but at least she still has my love, but when it comes to this, even though I’m worried, there’s no other choice; I just have to temporarily let her stay with her undependable father.

Speaking about the special points about this time’s home economics assignment


, talking about it really makes my heart troubled. At the beginning, I didn’t think too much about it, and just went for it for the pay that was ten times higher. I didn’t expect that this employer would be such an anthomaniac


, and at the head of his bed hung an enormous portrait of himself; Sung Minwoo, you’re really everywhere. Okay, I’ll admit that I was negligent; when the ahjumma at the agency allowed me to be in control of my own mouth, she should’ve predicted that the entire matter won’t go so smoothly. On the first day at work, I’ve already ironed a hole in Top Star Sung Minwoo’s shirt, and aside from having to pay according to the original price, everything’s just fine; no matter how the atmosphere was, I still can’t stand him!

* Meaning her work as a cleaner… I think.
** Anthomaniac – literally means an extravagant fondness for flowers. To put it simply, he loves chasing after girls.

Ahjumma’s strength? Please take a look in the mirror first!

I’ve told her time and again that this was a very important shirt, even if I have to wear a ruined shirt to the fanmeeting, I still don’t get where Manager Jung managed to find this extremely unreliable person. Thank goodness I still have some tricks up my sleeve, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to surpass today’s obstacles; if they happen to change into a larger venue the next time, I think it won’t be a problem to me. Saying that I can’t act, and don’t know how to be a proper person, so what? I can’t be famous within ten years? Those people who said these words to me are looking for me to act in a musical in the end. He wants me to save his job, but still acts so high and mighty; not only I won’t accept this musical in the first place, I wouldn’t even agree with this person that’s such an eyesore.

If you’re saying that I have a lousy attitude then don’t look for me; it’s still the same old words: do you need an actor or do you want a Star? “During interviews, when being asked questions relating to acting skills, he’ll start being fidgety.” Whose nonsense is this again, who said that I don’t have the ability to recite the lines? If I were serious in reading the scripts, I would be successful in doing so. Stop dreaming, because even if it’s like this, it doesn’t mean that I would give in easily; so you better save it for your musical that doesn’t have any relationship with increasing my popularity.

The entertainment circle is full of taking advantages of each other; if it wasn’t for the fact that I have something that the manager’s holding on, it’s impossible that I would listen to him. Using that kid to force me into submission is something that’s really childish; even if it’s those staffs that constantly meet celebrities, the moment they see me, they’ll politely tell me that they’re my fans. Don’t even get me started on the women that sticks to me; I lost count when the total went past 30. Even though I don’t want to admit that everything I have right now didn’t come from my own hard work, but the kid that came from the sky was really unexpected, apart from the money, what other motives are there? An old-fashioned ahjumma had the nerves to accept this musical project, and even shamelessly said that it’s time for me to show my acting skills – don’t even think about it!

Ye Eun… Yes, she has autism and can’t speak, even crying and making a huge ruckus over nothing. I really didn’t want to let her stay by my side, but who allowed an unrelated ahjumma to use the DNA testing results to tie me down? She even maintained that this wasn’t extortion, just that the price I have to pay this time isn’t money, but to act in a musical. Even if I don’t agree to it, she wouldn’t spread the news to the outside world; this is something that I am very clear with. But the truth to the entire matter is only understood by me; I don’t need anyone else knowing either. However, I’m slightly dyslexic, but it doesn’t matter if taking part in this musical would cause me to lose all my credits or be shamed; as long as I’m able to overcome this obstacle, there’ll be someone to clean up after me.

Speeding ahead VS Taking a turn for the worse

When an egoistic male that doesn’t have an inkling as to what responsibility is meets a divorced woman with a strong sense of ownership, where the paths of life are completely parallel with each other in two humans with completely different physical attributes, the friction that results from it could even produce a round-shaped ball of electricity. Seeing how “ahjumma Gaehwa” who normally has a glib tongue being reduced to gibberish because of her daughter Minji, and arguing for irrelevant people against all odds, it’s actually the first time that he meets this kind of person, and gets annoyed to the point that he refuses to show her the slightest nice expression. However, he mysteriously gets influenced by her; foregoing the fact that he allowed her to buy her daughter a dress, he even cruised around with her even though his dance practice caused him to be exhausted to no ends, and when he’s in the middle of sleeping, a kimchi pocket covered his face; could it be that Sung Minwoo really met his natural enemy this time?

“You… can you be her mother?” Not married, not in a relationship, and not even in the ambiguous feelings stage, but she’s already promoted to the rank of the child’s mother? Please don’t ever doubt what you hear, because it really has happened; it’s just not what you’re thinking. Top Star just wanted “ahjumma Gaehwa” to help him bring up his daughter, and who else would be a better candidate than her? It’s very normal for a celebrity to have a child born out of wedlock, some even to the extent of having illegitimate grandchildren; if you want to be faster than others in this area, the chances of winning technically equates to zero. The focal point of this round’s “ultraspeed” is on the male and female lead’s condition where both haven’t even uttered a single soft word to each other, and completely do not have intersections before advancing directly to the point of bringing up another person’s children. The ability to act out this type of rare incident as though it’s real, it’s just like what the production company said: “Chaerim’s image that’s energetic and unwilling to lose plays an important role in this.”

It’s really rare to have a person climbing to such a high position at this young an age, and no matter how stupid she is, she also learned how to put on a majestic air in front of others, and even has the ability to be an agreeable person to Sung Minwoo – there’s only one person who can do that, which is the “campus goddess” back in college, Han Yoora. If you want to talk about the perfect handsome man’s weaknesses, apart from the trademark “no one can surpass me” look that’s on his face every day, the most fatal weakness would be the lack of basic knowledge of how to be a person. Always tardy, arrogant, not serious in his work… if these could all be categorized into the Top Star’s list of powers, at least he still has some abilities, but if you can’t find it on him, how can you not talk about him as if the whole sky is on fire?

If you would like to investigate deeper in this area, you’ll have to involve the plot that comes later (this is not a spoiler! It’s just a guess!): A celebrity that depends on his looks to shoot him to fame falls to the bottom of the pits because of his ugly past; and when he’s hovering around at the bottom, the annoying person that he had never seen eye to eye with in the past still remains by his side. During the process of reflecting on the past, he turns from a kid that doesn’t know anything into a responsible man, and his career also returns to the real peak he deserves. But of course, such a simple narration couldn’t possibly cause the leading male to have a deep-seated hatred, and even if there are no turning points, the scriptwriter will surely incorporate some twists in the story.

T/N: -Below are the translations for the words on the 4th image-

Still the First Time
This really isn’t the first time that a celebrity’s personal life is being talked about, [On Air], [You’re Beautiful]… Every year, the producers will churn out something that’s similar in nature to catch people’s attentions. Love relationships between older women and younger men, and a celebrity’s privacy; this year’s most popular elements are being put together, so it’s no surprise that this drama quickly became a hot topic among people even before it was aired. This drama’s age gap is between the previous two dramas, so naturally it isn’t as complicated as [On Air], nor as innocent as [You’re Beautiful]; there is less cruelty and more authenticity; the conflicts and comedy are evenly distributed, so it’s no wonder that the production team proposed to the audience to not have any preconceptions . Speaking of which, there’s a need to mention another drama that’s closer in nature (to OML) – [My Life’s Final Scandal], “throwing” oneself into the situation while helping a celebrity with their housework; it looks familiar, doesn’t it? But the difference (between the two dramas) can also be easily distinguished: Yoon Gaehwa handles all the housework, Yoon Gaehwa is in charge of taking care of the kid, Yoon Gaehwa has the responsibility to inform (Sung Minwoo) about the schedules, and later, she would also handle his acting career and settle all types of risk management; the “all-purpose” housewife is thus created.

Previously, Chaerim has worked with many types of male actors, but you could say that they’re all stylish and trendy. However, this drama gave her a first – a male actor with a six pack, “from the day I was born, this is the first time I’m seeing a man’s chocolate abs. My jaw dropped on the first time; it’s just absolutely beautiful”, but to create such a flawless image, the person in question also had a lot of “painful” sacrifices. Although he fought for the character himself, but when he saw the words “chocolate abs” in large prints the moment he opened the script of the first episode, it made Choi Siwon worry endlessly, “looks like my abs are the obligations”. He could only let out a long sigh before he decided to lose weight through clenched teeth. His daily menu only consists of chicken breast meat, eggs, and a self-made sauce which have been removed of its salt content; at the end of the day, Siwon, who has a strong determination, could only give himself some self-comfort to dispel the boredom he feels in his heart, “looks like I’ll have to learn how to cook different dishes with just eggs.” After his acting classes ends, he can’t return home to sleep, as he had to sacrifice his resting time in stages to work out; finally, he lost 8kg within the span of three weeks, “to speak the truth, I don’t really love exercising that much, it’s just because my identity as an actor is on the line, so I’ll have to maintain my professionalism… I also placed a bet with Chaerim noona, saying that I will produce the abs, so I’m really lucky that I could keep my promise. (laugh)” Thankfully, every time he completes the filming for the scenes for the benefit of all, he could have fast food along with the staff, “that time I really feel very blessed.”

Ladies and dears, I believe that no one would think of this as Siwon’s first time on screen, but this is indeed the first time that he’s carrying the lead role. But not having the experience of shouldering this important responsibility doesn’t mean that he would be over-cautious with his actions. Even his group’s “King of Socialising” Leeteuk would also look for Siwon and ask for the fashion designer’s phone number, and hence it shows how high his EQ is. However, “his actual age is 25, but his mental age should be… 35 years old”, so it’s no wonder that Siwon could remove the age barrier when working with his sunbaes, no matter what job he’s doing. Because of this, there was one time that Siwon secretly told Chaerim seriously that he’s actually born in the year of 1980, in the end Chaerim noona quite naturally added “why didn’t you say so!” This type of evidence doesn’t just stop here, “apart from being Siwon’s senior, I don’t feel that he’s younger than me, because he could get along very well even with the sunbaes who have a large age gap with him (by Chaerim)”. He seems to be born with this ability (to get along with everyone); not only that, during the breaks while he was having a photoshoot for the posters, he also managed to prank the director, saying that he looks like [Chinjeolhan Geumjassi]’s


voice actor.

* Chinjeolhan Geumjassi (친절한 금자씨/Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) – click here for more info

The genre doesn’t matter, as long as it steals the spotlight

Using a musical as the entry point for this drama is another aspect, and the return of the actress that specializes in dramas, Moon Junghee undeniably casts another bright light on the drama. Portraying the character of President Yoon Shijoon’s capable wife, she looks the part, and has the body figure to boot; even her dancing abilities could compete with professional choreographers – at first she was apprehensive about her own abilities (in carrying the role), but now she has completely immersed herself in the character. If you say that the show’s ratings shot up on the 5th episode due to the eagerness of the audience to find out the results of Minwoo and Ye-eun’s DNA testing, then the episode which ended with a 11.5% tune-in rate, which, apart from the advancement in the male and female leads’ relationship, there’s also another important factor – Sung Minwoo finally firmly decided to leave his “fake acting” and start practicing how to dance; maybe the combination of a more seductive dynamic picture and smart hazy beauty of it is the ultimate winner?

When the interpretation of innocence and sensuality comes in a set, but at the same time having roles that lack content isn’t a big problem to Park Youngsoo, and it’s not the first time that Lee Hyunwoo is working with Chaerim, so the level of understanding naturally doesn’t become a problem either. However, it seems that the screenwriter also feels that when standing with Siwon, he would overly steal the spotlight, so they had to resort to using eyeliner to shift the audiences’ attention away, although Hyunwoo’s makeup is also probably too thick (sweat). (I) can’t even finish talking about the secondary characters, because even the assistant by Yoo Shijoon’s side also became a search topic by everyone, and hence, Hong Jonghyun, who has a modeling background, also has a bigger role to play (in this drama) compared to the past; his previous advertisement photos were also fully uncovered by fans. The other pretty boy contender is none other than one of the friends who was seen drinking with Sung Minwoo at the club in the second episode. This boy with the name Seo Minkyu, who possesses a smile that’s as cool as Jang Geunseuk’s successfully won the attention of a group of noona fans.

If you say that the plot is too controlled by the adults, then behind the scenes, the atmosphere is completely taken over by the child stars. The little actress Bang Joonseo who plays the role of Gaehwa’s daughter Minji, was previously the “Queen of Good Wives” Kim Namjoo’s daughter. It’s unclear whether the fact that she’s a year older plays a role in her knowing a lot more things that she used to, because this time around, she orderly became Chaerim’s “good wife’s daughter”, and her every action reveals a little adult’s image. However, Siwon’s daughter Ye-eun is not that easy to coax. When the camera starts rolling, (someone) has to pull faces at little Yoobin, and this caused lots of headaches to Siwon, whom usually is the friendliest towards children, and he could only make up to it in private. It’s too bad his “daughter” doesn’t give him any face. In the drama, she doesn’t have any lines since she’s autistic, so she could finally talk for the first time during the press conference. At this juncture, Siwon diligently asked her: “Do you want to sit on dad’s lap?” to which she answered: “It’s up to you, ahjusshi.” Siwon ah, as expected, children is still your weakness.

Original Credits: Choi Siwon’s Baidu Bar
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Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

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