100425 Leeteuk’s Sidebar Updates


..Everyone please look here..
..This is no longer my resting place..so now goodbye..^^
..See you at the 4th album..

Source: 박정수 미니홈피
From Korean to Chinese: E @ JSHOLIC.COM
From Chinese to English: ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Thanks to dDonika for the heads-up! 😀

First he added only this:


..We live in a world where someone can easily become an idiot..^^

an hour or two later he added:


..We live in a world where someone can easily become an idiot..^^
..I might denounce the ones who are spreading false informations..Please, do control yourself..If it was in relation I wouldn’t have done all this….It’s always possible to interpret by ourself an event but it shouldn’t become a witch-hunt..All this will only bring up a family fight..I wish everyone to become a bit wiser..

Credits to Jungsoo’s cyworld
Translations by Alice (『SexyDino☆彡』) @ sj-world.net
Take out with full and proper credits

For the ones who still wonder what is happening…
After the issue w/ElFs and SONEs about the seating in Dream Concert, Jungsoo wrote a diary entry (below) on on his cyworld, which most probably and it seems concidring what I just translated was NOT related to the issue. But Sones (soshi fans) thought it was related and started insulting him on his cyworld and also it seems tried/did hack it. Jungsoo then closed his cyworld and is now putting this notice on the sidebar.

2010.04.23 Friday 23:27

..A mosquito sat on a tiger’s back and sucked his blood..

..The mosquito felt good because he had conquered the tiger..

..But the tiger didn’t even care..

..Isn’t this the difference between a master and an amateur?..

..Don’t react to the little things..


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