Super Junior member Kangin is entering the army.

Kangin, who has aroused criticism for drunk driving last year and is now in a period of self reflection, will not be involved in this month’s Super Junior 4th album comeback.

Kangin’s entertainment company SME has disclosed the following: “This album features 10 members, excluding Kangin who’s planning to go to the army, Kibum who’s working on other activities, and Hankyung who’s in the middle of a lawsuit.” and “The ten members who worked on the album intend to focus on making their own way.”

Some say Kangin is planning on entering the army in the first half of this year, however representatives from SME have kept silent about the time he will enter, saying: “Nothing has been determined yet”. An official from SME told Newsen through a telephone interview: “It’s true that Kangin is planning to go to the army. But the precise time he will go has yet to be decided.”

Super Junior has given their support, saying “Kangin is our first member to plan to go to the army, so we hope he will live the army life bravely and do well.”

Last summer after Kangin was charged with assault and driving under the influence, he was indicted without detention and fined, and is now in a period of self-reflection.

Original Source. Newsen
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with credit.


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