[PICS/FANACCOUNT] 100502 SJ and SHINee outside SM Building, Apgujeong


we arrived at SM building around 5.30pm our intention today was just to hang around and hopefully we could get a glimpse of any one of them.. we didn’t expect that we would see anyone but we decided to stay anyways. This is my second time visiting Apgujeong, last time I just walked past.. the idea of waiting in front of the building for hours had never really came across my mind till most of my Thai friends here (who are not ELF) tells me they have been spotting the guys for many times these days so then I decided to come.

The first false alarm was at around 6pm when a van entered the parameter, it was an empty van.. then I thought “oh! The manager is picking the boys up!!” then I think it was around 7pm when someone walked out the front door, girls started to run toward that direction. I was excited! But it turned out to be Shinee’s Jonghyun. He was alone and walking his way to catch a cab. There were some fangirls following him, and some even walked beside him (I mean really close). Then he turned around and walked back to SM.

After that, there were many screaming and runing-back-and-forth from the k.fans. I wasn’t sure if they were ELF, Shawol, affxtion, or Sone?? But I didn’t follow them, I kept my position at the front of the building. Then there came this fan who tells me that Donghae, Teukie, Yesung and Ryeowook had already left a min ago from the back door. I was a bit sad coz I thought I just missed them by not running back-and forth!!T.T so then I decided I would run every time I hear someone screams LOL but five mins later.. there they were!!! Donghae, Shindong, and Eunhyuk!!!! Right there at the window!!! Smiling, waving and taking pictures of us!! OMG! My heart was pounding really fast, luckily I had my camera in my hands or else I wouldnt get a picture of them because i think my brain was not functioning well.. I just snapped their pictures and realized that I didn’t see Hae’s face!!! I was there to see His face!!! LMAO so then I stopped taking picture and walked to the other side to face him directly just in time when he lowered his blackberry! LOL I waved my hand and smiled.. he took my breath away seriously!! Then their manager came and closed the window…. Three mins of happiness!!! I told myself “TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!”

Later a van came and someone walked out the front door. Girls were screaming again. This time it was Siwon with his calm and perfect gesture. Good Looking!!! ㅋㅋㅋ while we were waiting for some other surprises.. managers were driving the van in and out, also one of them parked a van in the back of the building. We assume that they must come out from the back door! And as expected!! Donghae, Shindong and Eunhyuk were there getting in their vans! Manager drove really scary!! I mean really SCARY!! He backed the car out and we were just too scared to get close but when he was about to make a turn. Donghae rolled the window down *FAINT!! Yep, he did!! And girls were rushing toward his door, giving him their presents. I was stunned! He was really close!!! the car started to move and he rolled his window back up. however, it was then when Hyuk rolled his window down LOL so Hae did it again!! They were smiling!! ><!!!

Another car came out of the parking but the film was too dark for me to see who’s inside… people were saying it was Sungmin.. but I couldn’t really see so.. and then here comes Kyuhyun with his gym outfit LOL he dressed really casually~ he went back and forth from the van to his car, taking his stuff and putting it there and bringing it back again!?! Finally he got on the the manager’s car and the manager got on his car. The manager drove his car out and parked at a new spot so that he can get his car out. He walked back to his car, and told Kyuhyun who was already backing out the car to move to the other side so he could drive. Kyuhyun didn’t get out of the car, he changed his seat inside. He didn’t rolled down the window but he waved to us ^^

a few minutes later Teukie and Minho (Shinee) came out the back door too… (I’m glad I stayed at the back door). One of them were holding a basketball and started to play with it. Their managers came out of the building and they all got on the van. Teukie was sitting in front with the manager and when the van was out of the parking space, he rolled the window down waving to us with his bright smile!^^

I thought then that I should probably go home.. but my other friend (a Shinee’s fan) was still there so I just stayed with her for a few second. There were trainees coming out of the front door and the fans got excited at the beginning but they stopped when they realized they’re trainees. (btw, these trainees are young and good looking!! LOL Rumor— they will debut at the end of this year!) and just when I realized, I was grabbed by my Shawol friend and we started following Taemin! I didn’t even see his face but my friend was so sure it was him since she has been here almost everyday!! So.. there we go.. following Taemin ㅋㅋㅋ no one was there with us.. my friend told me to keep the distance. Those who walked in front of us started to realize that we were following someone and then they recognize him.. making him more aware of usㅠㅠ he started walking faster, making phone calls… then he entered a coffee shop (my friend thinks he’s meeting his mom there.. we didn’t get a closer look at the people sitting in that table) my friend was going order a cup of coffee when he suddenly walked out the front door so I told my friend to hurry. We still followed him (I left my ELF friend at SM… I felt really badㅠㅠ but I need to go with this girl because she’s still young and I don’t want her to follow him alone— and my sister is actually both ELF/Shawol so I’m doing this for both of them..)

Ok we followed him to this small building. There were two Korean Shawols there and my friend actually knows them (because she went to SM many times) so they were talking about Shinee and who else is still at the building. I decided to pick up my friend and go home because it’s getting late (around 10pm). My friend asked for the K.Shawols’ phone number just in case he comes out and we’re still around. Then we left to get my ELF friend. Not long after I met my friend, the K.Shawol called my friend to go back so the three of us go back to the building together. We wait for around 10 mins then me and my ELF friend decided to leave in thirteen mins (LOL at the number). A few minutes later someone came down the stair, we assumed he was one of the trainees, it seemed as if he was checking for Taemin if we’re still there. We could spot him from the 2nd fl window that he has been waiting to come down but was afraid to do so because of us.. so we decided to hide somewhere LOL

And here is Henry’s part!!! My ELF friend spotted someone in red cap standing in front of a coffee shop, holding a phone in hands. She excitedly told me it’s Henry!! I wasn’t sure so I asked “are you sure!?!??” then she approached him asking if he really was Henry and he said yes! Again.. I was stunned!!! He was asking my friend if she is from Thailand and my friend said no and she looked at me.. and I said, “I’m from Thailand” with my hand raised (just like when I answer question in class LMAO) my friend asked him if he’s waiting for someone, is he waiting for Taemin.. and he was like “ohhh, Damien is here?!?” I was thinking to myself who’s Damien?!? LOL then I said, “no, it’s Taemin. Taemin is here. Shinee’s Taemin!!” then my friend told him that Taemin is in the building. He went straight to the building and went upstairs. As we had expected, Taemin was still waiting at the 2nd fl stairs.. then Henry went, “Taemin!!” and I could hear Taemin happily called out “oh Hyung!!” and they were hugging! then Taemin realized we were still there too.. he was quite surprised.. and they were talking then both of them came out. We walked behind them. Henry stopped in front of the coffee shop.. still waiting for someone. My ELF friend and I said thank you and good night to Henry. He Wai* us and said bye too!!^^ yep! That’s the end of the story ☺

*Wai = 2 hands together, a way of showing respect.. I don’t really know how to explain.. T.T

p.s.1 i think we can conclude that this means they didnt go shop for glasses together^^
p.s. 2 to answer some of the questions, it is my first time waiting for them in front of SM.. have never done this kind of thing before.. even when they visited thailand. i was very lucky yesterday!! i should visit Apgujeong more LOL

2nd fannacount:

Today, May 4th 2010., me and my friend has decided to go to Apgujeong for some fangirling stuffs. This time we would stay longer because the last time I was there, I wasn’t stand that long to be able to meet the boys (Super Junior members). We arrived there around 5pm. A bit late, yet we decided to wait probably until 9pm. I saw some KELFs there. A few times I heard them screaming and running back forth when they saw someone on the spot. I was confused, my heart skipped a beat, everytime I heard them screaming. After a while I learned that I should not react to every scream. Lol. Around 6 o’clock (I am not sure about the time, too crazy too see time), one of the windows in the 3rd floor was opened. Here they went, Donghae, Shindong and Eunhyuk put their BB out to take picture of us all. Of course people went crazy. I was just amazed. This is the first time for me to see Hae, Dong and Hyuk in real life. YES. THEY ARE EVEN MORE GORGEOUS IN REAL LIFE (I don’t know why I write this capital letter) >_<!!

It happened around 3-4 mins before the manager closed the window and pull the cloudy curtain. Sad. But I kept waiting for more surprises. Around 7 PM (estimation only), there was a car going inside the building and the manager picked up, SIWON. I didn’t have the time to pull our my cam because it was too dark, yet SIWON still looks fantastic. Now I believe that the nickname Living Work of Art is truly made for something. I am not even Siwon biased, but I have to admit he is gorgeous (please don’t be mad at me, Jong Woon).
Then, I still waited for some more time. While I was sitting around there, the managers are moving their vans to the back part of SM building. It made me alarmed, so I started to listen more carefully for what the KELFs spoke to each other.

After a while I heard them screaming, I thought this one must be serious. Me and my friend ran to the back part of the building and there I saw Donghae, Shindong and Hyuk entered their van and prepared to go. My friend, who’s Donghae biased got ready with the camera. Yet, she wasn’t lucky enough because everything happened too fast. Hae and Hyuk opened their window and received a gift from a fan. They are very nice, huh???
We waited there for some more time, during that waiting we saw Kyuhyun walking back and forth his car to move some properties (??). Chinese ELF are calling him Xui Xian (is it the correct spelling??). He just didn’t look at us. I think he is shy (??).

When he finally got out of the building (only God knew where he goes), he used SM’s car instead of his own car. He didn’t open the window like what Hae and Hyuk did, yet he still waved at fans. He is just sweet and shy ^_^.
A few minutes after that, Leeteuk and someone from Shinee (forgot who was it, sorry) went out too with SM van. It was already around 9. My friend and me prepared to go home. But suddenly someone yelled that Taemin went out of SM building. Some people said it wasn’t him, yet my friend and her other friend decided to “follow” him. At first I didn’t go because I was already tired. But after a few seconds I just went to get the two girls.
To cut the story short, Taemin entered a coffee shop, and then went out right after. He entered a small building and didn’t came out until around 9.50. Me, my friend and two other girls waited outside. At that time I just waited for my friend to go back home together.

Then, there was a guy in black hoodie came out. I thought it was Taemin, but it wasn’t. I was thinking that he might change clothes or something. Then I figured out that actually that guy was sent by Taemin to look around if “we” were still outside waiting for him.
We decided to hide. I turned my head and wanted to walk away from that place, I am not a Shawol, so I just wanted to wait for the two girls who were hiding somewhere I don’t know.
I looked to a restaurant in my right side and spotted a thin young guy wearing red cap. I thought I saw his face somewhere! DUNG!

My mind went crazy. I asked him, Henry 이예요??
I even made grammatical mistake saying that! After a few seconds I realized, HENRY SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!!!
So, I said “Henry?”. He answered “Yes”.
I asked him, whom he was waiting for. I was just thinking that he might be waiting for Taemin. So, I asked
“Were you waiting for Taemin?”.
“Who? Damian?”.
My friend replied, “No, Taemin – Shinee”.
He is in that building now.
Henry looked really happy!
“He is there? Taemin??”
He rushed to the building. After hesitating to come up, he decided to go looking.
“Taemin, my man!”, Henry shouted.
The next thing is just like what you saw on the pic.
They finally went out. Taemin took a taxi, Henry went back to the restaurant, and we decided not to bother him any longer so we said “Have a nice evening, Henry”. He smiled back and said “Bye”.
So, that’s all… ^^
I hope you enjoy this fan account.

credit: cyworld/huihuy


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