[NEWS] SJ’s new title song “Beauty”, release info


Super Junior’s title song “Beauty”* off their 4th album will be released on the 10th.

Before the album’s release on the 13th, the title song “Beauty” will be released on several music sites at 10am on the 10th. It is a dance song in the genre of “SJ FUNKY (SUPER JUNIOR FUNKY)”, written by hit writer Yoo Yeongjin.

Super Junior are following their pursuit of the genre entitled “SJ FUNKY”, after “Sorry Sorry” and “Super Girl”.

The song will have a striking, unusual composition reminscient of African rhythms, with a cheerful groove and house beats, as well as edgy lyrics about the hearts of men trying to win someone’s love.

Also on the 7th at 11am, on portal sites, music sites, and SJ’s official homepage, the MV teaser will be released.

Super Junior will be making their comeback stage on Music Bank on the 14th.

*I am not sure how they will translate this, it could also be “Beautiful Woman” (it refers to a person, not the concept).

Original Source. TV Daily
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET

Who’s EXCITED???



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