[OTHER] Would anyone like to help update (blog) about SJ…?


Hey everyone~~~!

Um…sorry about the lack of posts lately…been wayyyyyy too OTT busy X.X what with school, exams, and catch -ups etc.etc.

So……I was wondering whether anyone would like to be kind enough to help me blog as well? Esp. during these couple of weeks~~~ I’m not asking for like, full on, dedicated 24 hours, but it would be nice if you had about 20-30 mins free a day to update~~~~

It’s fine if you’re a newbie – you just need to create a wordpress account~~~Please contact me via my email on the right sidebar if you’re interested! Or leave a comment with your contact email or something…? Thanks!

Otherwise, I’d just like to ask for some leniency if i don’t post much~~O.o


One Response to “[OTHER] Would anyone like to help update (blog) about SJ…?”

  1. woaisuperjunior Says:

    Hi, I am Elaine. I just created my own WordPress for Super Junior since I want to have a blog solely dedicated from them. i am trying to get updates everyday from other sources too. though i dont know how i can help you? you can check my site first. but it’s very simple since i’m not into computer skills hehe.:p hope it helps!:)

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