[PICS/INT] 100508 Super Junior on 韩流飓风 Magazine


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August 2009, Super Junior arrived in Hong Kong to shot their 3rd photobook “Boys in City Season 3 in Hong Kong”. This is the 3rd time, after Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur and Japan’s Tokyo, that Super Junior is shooting a photobook with city-like background. April 2010, after 8 months, this photobook is finally released.

Introduction of the photobook.
This time’s photobook made a record in Super Junior’s photobook history, with the most number of pages, and at the same time has
25000 copies released. The difference between this photobook and the previous 2 are that besides being sold in Korea, it is going to be sold in Taiwan with the DVD being chinese subbed. “Boys in City Season 3 in Hong Kong” has 438 pages altogether, and is divided into 8 categories which are: “Started on our Voyage”, “Play the Party”, “Go For a Ride”, “The town at Night 01”, “Avenue of Stars 01”, “The town at Night 02”, “Avenue of Stars 02” and “About the Beach”. Because of the tight schedules of the members, the different parts of the photobook is shot separately. In “Go For a Ride” and “The town at Night 01”, there are only Heechul, Kangin, Sungmin and Kibum. Leeteuk, Hangeng, Yesung, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun took the boat to Macau on 25 August and shot some photos there. Although Hong Kong and Macau are close to each other, but the background of the 2 cities are totally different, so there are different styles displayed.
This photobook was actually planned to release during Winter, but due to some reasons it was postponed until 15th April. Regarding this photobook that was long anticipated, the members expressed that, “Hopefully everyone will like me with the different styles”.

Will make their comeback soon.
Spring 2009, Super Junior released their 3rd album “Sorry Sorry”. After that, “Sorry Sorry” became very popular instantly, creating a new wave all around Asia.

From July 2009, they have also commenced on their “Super Show 2” with Super Junior’s own unique style. As 2010 arrives, Super Junior already said that they will make their comeback in Spring, around May.
However, from 2009 to 2010, Super Junior’s road was rocky. Firstly, Kibum did not participate in the 3rd album, and so the whole promotion stages of the 3rd album only had 12 people. Afterwhich from September to October, Kangin also did not participate in group activities due to some assault case. In December, Hangeng filed a lawsuit again SM Entertainment, asking to leave the company. After that he did not take part in any of Super Junior’s activites. After all these, people have been guessing how many people would be present for the 4th album? There are 10* people who are participating.
In April, Super Junior filmed their new album’s MV, and with the sexy styles in the MV, Leeteuk said, “Super Junior will present a
totally different style in 4th album”. Usually, the members would also practice hard for their new album, and go to the gym to train too. The Kpop industry will present a new Super Junior to all in May.

If you want to find somebody “cute” in Super Junior, that person you’re finding for is Sungmin. It is not only because of Sungmin’s “loose”** presentation, but also because of his friendly personality. Although he frequently does ageyo to his hyungs on camera, he actually does not like to talk much, and he does not do ageyo so much in real life. Instead, he becomes more manly, wanting to take care of others constantly. When Super Junior received the award for MKMF, seeing the already crying (because they were touched) members, Sungmin always stood beside everyone, comforting them. Actually, no matter what problems SJ meets, Sungmin is the most calm. He will always stay by his hyungs/ dongsaengs side quietly, trying to console them. He does not reveal his weak side, and keeps it all to himself. When people are sad, the generous Sungmin would comfort them by smiling; when he’s sad and feels like crying, he’ll use a smile to hide his feelings. It may be because of these various hardships he went through that made Sungmin so strong-willed, becoming someone who is so special.

*The magazine made a mistake, it stated 11 members are participating. And also, I’m not too sure if Hangeng asked to leave the
company. (The magazine stated so.)
** It meant something like his unique and many ways in presenting himself cutely.

Source: 韩流飓风; May 2010 Issue
Credits: 那片蒲海 + superjunior吧
Translation by: MondayRomance@sj-world.net
Take out with full credit.

Reduced: 65% of original size [ 972 x 1280 ] – Click to view full image

Credits: 那片蒲海 + superjunior吧
Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full and proper credits. Do not modify the pictures.


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