100511 Super Junior UFO 7 Replies


ELF: It’s been awhile since I sent out messages, hope Yesung would be happy every day.
Yesung: I love you~~

ELF: Ryeowook gege, I like you very much because (I think) you are very cute…It’s the first time I’m sending this so gege please reply me! I’ll be very happy (if you do)…anticipate (your reply)…
Ryeowook: I’m about to go crazy from missing China fans.

ELF: Kyuhyun ge! I love you, let’s get together! I’m a senior year student, after I’ve graduated, I’ll further my studies in Korea, (you) must wait for me!
Kyuhyun: Are you a student studying abroad? ^^ All the best!!!*

ELF: Kyuhyun gege, (your) image for fourth album is really handsome~ do take care of yourself~ let’s work hard together for the fourth album~ heehee~ what’s gege busy with right now?
Kyuhyun: Practicing the dance right now. ^^*

*replied in hanyu pinyin.

ELF: Angel teuk, to be an ELF is a lifetime of bliss, anticipating your grand comeback.
Leeteuk: Jia you**!!! ^^

*I’m not very sure if Leeteuk meant to say ‘Jia you’ which means Hwaiting or all the best!!! ^^ since the original’s “짜요!!! ^^” which sounds alike. Anyway it makes more sense to me than the translation given (‘ZA!!! ^^’).

ELF: Kyuhyun gege Sungmin gege >< (I’m) highly anticipating your fourth album comeback! When I close my eyes I see (the both of) you, really miss you very much. ^^
Sungmin: We’re currently working hard to prepare (the album)^^ You must like it very very much ah~

ELF: Ryeowook ge, you should be very busy recently? Please don’t overtire yourself, eat more, and have more rest. Anticipate your fourth album! Kim Ryeowook will always be the brightest star,Fighting !
Ryeowook: Be careful not to catch a cold~~ China fans who have always been rooting for us(,) love you all~

Source: UFO Town
Translated by bulletproof at SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full credits



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