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[NEWS] 100628 SJ’s Repackaged album is released today

June 28, 2010

Korean idols Super Junior will release their repackaged fourth album today, according to their agency SM Entertainment.

A press release from SM on Friday had announced that the repackaged album will go on sale today featuring four new tracks that have been available online, as well as 11 songs from the original record.

New songs include the follow-up single “No Other,” a more powerful remix of “Shake it Up” and tracks “All My Heart” and “A Short Journey” which were written by the members of the boy band.

“No Other,” written by leader Lee Teuk and Super Junior subgroup Super Junior-M member Henry, is a ballad with an acoustic guitar background that expresses the warmth of the song.

Meanwhile, “A Short Journey” written by Eunhyuk, composed by Donghae also featuring Kang-in has a fresh melody and simple yet repetitive chorus. “Journey” will be released as a digital single with proceeds from the sales to be donated to help the less fortunate.

Super Junior composed also of members Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum and Kyuhyun made their debut in 2005 with their first full-length album “SuperJunior05 (TWINS).”

The boys are known as the most popular K-pop acts in the country and throughout Asia with hit albums “Don’t Don” and “Sorry Sorry” and they held two sold-out concert tours in 2008 and 2009 titled “The 1st Asia tour – Super Show” and “Super Show 2.”

They have been promoting their latest song “BONAMANA” as a ten-man band as members Kang-in, Kibum and Hangeng have decided to take a break from group activities.

“BONAMANA” has topped numerous online and offline music charts since its release on May 13.

Super Junior gave their final performance of “BONAMANA” on the special edition episode featuring the most popular singers from the first half of the year on KBS’ televised music show “Music Bank” over the weekend.

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[DWLD] Free Download Super Junior 4th Repackage Album

June 28, 2010

02. 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)
03. Shake It Up! (Remix Ver.)
04. 진심 (All My Heart)
05. 여행 (A Short Journey)
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[VID] 100627 Super Junior on MBC Fantasy Couple Full Show + Cuts

June 28, 2010

For full show:


Bonamana Cut – SD,SM,DH
Donghae bada ~–OSGbA1C-A
Donghae: “reason why sungmin couldn’t get a girlfriend…”
Donghae’s childish gag
Number Game Cut – SD,SM,DH
Donghae Game Cut
Sungmin martial arts cut
Cr: OnTV + Cut & Uploaded by cleaver487

[VID] 100627 Bonamana @ One Heart BIG Concert

June 28, 2010

broadcast on 27th, recorded on 20th

[PICS] 100626 SJ in Head Magazine – Dream Team

June 27, 2010


[PICS] 100627 Eunhyuk Cyworld Update Pics w/Donghae

June 27, 2010

LOL……hahaha….hyuk oppa must be so happy to be able to hand out money to people hahaha XDXDXDXD

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[PICS] 100626 Star King Ep.169 Eunhyuk + Leeteuk in high heels..showing off their legs

June 27, 2010

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major LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! have to watch this ep……….

[PIC] 100627 Hangeng inside his car

June 27, 2010

Posted by his friend.

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good to see oppa is still healthy and well ^^

[VID] 100626 Star King Ep.169 w/Super Junior

June 27, 2010


[NEWS] 100627 Shindong and Sungmin’s weird sleeping habits..

June 27, 2010

On the 27th episode of MBC “Fantasy couple – Love’s classroom” where Shindong, Donghae and Sungmin were guests, Shindong revealed that he does not wear clothes when he sleeps.

Shindong said that sometimes the other member’s does not like it that he does not wear clothes to sleep. Shindong revealed that has the temperature goes up he ends up taking off his clothes while sleeping. He said, “It gets hot in the morning, when I wake up and I look at my body I will be surprised and embarrassed at the same time” causing laughter in the audience.

The MC’s suggested that he should wear Overall’s when going to sleep since overall’s are hard to take off as a solution for his stripping while sleeping.

Meanwhile, Sungmin also revealed that he wears dresses when he sleeps.

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Super Junior sungmin has confessed “I sleep in wearing a dress”.

On the June 27th broadcast of MBC “Fantasy couple – Love’s classroom”, Sungmin revealed that Girls only see’s him as a friend, because of this, Donghae revealed that the reason why he doesn’t have a girlfriend is because of a one piece dress causing embarrassment for Sungmin.

Sungmin said that, “I do not know why I do not have a girlfriend” and he revealed, “I sleep wearing women’s dresses” surprisingly revealing his secret.

Sungmin confessed, “These days, I wear a dress from pink to light blue and i have bought another new one” making the audience laugh with his confession.

The MC Suggested that instead of wearing a one piece dress he could wear pajama’s or wearing boxer shorts, offering a solution to his problem for not having women look at him as a man.

Source: Newsen
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