[MOD] I’m baaaack!


HI everyone!!!

I’m back now~~~exams were stressful……..but they’re over now and i’ll be able to post again~~~

But I cannot be sure that I can post everyday…………………because I’ve decided to focus on school until the end of the year ^^

UPDATES: – I am going to upload subbed videos of shows and programs with SJ (from 3jib) on request, and I will be helping to translate some things…(well, I hope to be anyway)

And I’ll post the videos of the boys’ perfs of 4jib, in HD, on the mainpage~~~

The download and watch pages are now only going to be updated on request (ie. if you want something that you can’t find, I’ll try my best to find the link for you) – only 4th jib perfs will be updated regularly

I will only post cyworld entries, not twitter from now on, unless the entries are really important~~

There will probably be less fan photos, but I’m not sure yet~~~

That’s all for now, still enjoy your visit!


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