[NEWS] 100614 Hangeng to be on “Happy Dictionary” 开心词典


The 10th anniversary special of <<Happy Dictionary*>> is going to air on 15 June 23:10 and is going to feature 10 contestants that have also competed in the past.
In which there is Hangeng!
The last time Hangeng was on <<Happy Dictionary>> was the end of 2007. That was also the first time Hangeng was on that same channel. Many of Hangeng’s fans were in the audience were cheering for him, the atmosphere was very cheerful.

Please pay attention to <Happy Dictionary> on 15th of June.

<Happy Dictionary> has been on air for 10 years, thousands of contestants has followed their dream on this happy and intelligent stage. From June 15, <happy Dictionary> will air the 10th anniversary program, taking you down the happy road of 10 years.
Can you remember those who brought their own families to the program, to make their families dreams come true? Those happy, talented, intelligent people have left the audience unforgettable memories. The 10th anniversary special on June 16 will bring you 10 special contestants from the past, who are they? How did they perform before?

Xiao Ni ** confessed with tears to Hangeng in Korean (?)
This is the popular idol Hangeng’s first program on <央视舞台***> since the end of 2007. Many of his fans were in the audience cheering for him. The atmosphere was very cheerful. Xiao Ni was also infected by the atmosphere, “confessing” to Hangeng in Korean as a representative of the fangirls, pushing the atmosphere up another level. While answering the question, Hangeng talks about what has happened during his ‘fight’ in recent years, with laughter, with sweat and many memories he will never forget. A group prepared a special short video for Hangeng. While and after watching this video, Hangeng’s tears flood his face. What exactly has caused Hangeng to become so touched? Contents of the video is greatly anticipated.

* The chinese name of the program literally translated. I couldn’t find the official english name.
** The female host of the show
*** The channel which <Happy Dictionary> airs.

Credit: sohu
Translated by: xGabriella @sj-world.net
Shared by: yeyebaby@sj-world.net


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